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  • I'm interested in fluids that don't behave like the standard (air, water, honey) Newtonian model. This has led me to study particles suspended in a viscous fluid (for example, with my current Ph.D. student Adam Townsend below); polymeric liquids (for instance, with my first Ph.D. student Sally Everitt); and instabilities in elastic liquids. The instabilities work has included two postdocs working on industrially relevant materials, and a collaboration with Suzanne Fielding at Durham on shear-banding instabilities.
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  • Research Students
    Hugo Castillo Sanchez: Instabilities in shear-thinning fluids. Started October 2015, UCL
    Adam Townsend: Flows of viscoelastic suspensions. Started October 2012, UCL
    Thomas Brickell, MPhil (2012): General two-dimensional linear flows of particle suspensions, UCL
    Sally Everitt, PhD (2004): Bubble dynamics in polymeric foams, University of Leeds
  • Postdocs
    Instabilities in polymer processing: Dr Mehmet Sahin, 2005-2007; Dr Tim Reis, 2007-2008.
  • Location: Room 604, 25 Gordon Street
    Email: helen.wilson @ ucl.ac.uk
    Tel: +44 20 7679 1302 (31302 internal)
    Fax: +44 20 7383 5519

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