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  • I'm interested in fluids that don't behave like the standard (air, water, honey) Newtonian model. This has led me to study particles suspended in a viscous fluid (for example, with my current Ph.D. student Adam Townsend below); polymeric liquids (for instance, with my first Ph.D. student Sally Everitt); and instabilities in elastic liquids (including work with my Ph.D. student Hugo Castillo Sanchez). The instabilities work has included two postdocs working on industrially relevant materials, and a collaboration with Suzanne Fielding at Durham on shear-banding instabilities.
  • Current funded projects include:
    • Shear-thickening fluids for cryopreservation in which we are exploring whether interactions between particles in suspension can inhibit the growth of ice crystals. This work is led by Asymptote and funded by Innovate UK.
    • Complex ORAL health products (CORAL): Characterisation, modelling and manufacturing challenges. Here we are working with UCL Engineers and commercial sponsor GSK to investigate the rheology of three-phase suspensions in a viscoelastic matrix, with application to toothpastes. This work is funded by EPSRC.
    • Extensional Rheology Matters, a small project funded by EPSRC in which I am aiming to develop tools to assess whether extensional flow components are important in a given flow situation.
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  • Research Students
    Liam Escott: Processing suspensions with a non-Newtonian fluid matrix. Started October 2016, UCL
    Hugo Castillo Sanchez: Instabilities in shear-thinning fluids. Started October 2015, UCL
    Adam Townsend: The mechanics of suspensions. Started October 2012, UCL
    Thomas Brickell, MPhil (2012): General two-dimensional linear flows of particle suspensions, UCL
    Sally Everitt, PhD (2004): Bubble dynamics in polymeric foams, University of Leeds
  • Postdocs
    Instabilities in polymer processing: Dr Mehmet Sahin, 2005-2007; Dr Tim Reis, 2007-2008.
    Shear-thickening for cryopreservation: Adam Townsend, 2016.
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  • Location: Room 604, 25 Gordon Street
    Email: helen.wilson @
    Tel: +44 20 7679 1302 (31302 internal)
    Fax: +44 20 7383 5519

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