Academic supervision (PhD):



September 2014 Frederick Nyakudya – Determinants of Entrepreneurship at a Regional Level. Current position: private business

July 2012 Chiara Amini – Institutions as Determinants of FDI. Current position: Lecturer at London Metropolitan University

June 2011 Zlatko Nikoloski - Essays in Development Economics. Current position: Research Fellow in Health Economics, LSE.

October 2010 Gian Fazio – Entrepreneurship, innovation and competition. Current position: private business, USA

September 2009 Beata Manthey - Regional Labour Markets in Poland and Spain. Current postion: analyst Citibank

April 2008 Jong-Kyu Lee (ORS award) – Economic growth in transition countries. Current position: researcher, Seoul National University.

December 2007 Venla Sipila – Russian financial crisis of 1998. Current position: senior analyst, Global Insight, Washington D.C.

September 2003 Kate Bishop – Internationalisation and performance in CIS manufacturing companies. Current position: private business

June 2003 Milan Nikolic – Inflation in Russia. Current position: lecturer, University of Surrey. Thesis published as a book by Palgrave Macmillan.

January 2002 Roman Zyla – Bureaucracy, Corruption and Small Enterprises in Ukraine. Current position: World Bank, Washington D.C., researcher.

In progress:

At Aston University:

2012- Alena Pivavarova - FDI in Russia

(with Prof. Nigel Driefield and Dr. Yama Temouri)

Continuing at UCL:

2009 - Daphne Ahtanasouli - Freedom from Corruption and Economic Performance

2010 - Anna Rebmann - Entrepreneurship and Institutions

2010 - Paulina Stepien - Entreprneurship and Trust

(last three: joint supervision with Dr Julia Korosteleva)

PhD examiner: Aston Business School, Birkbeck College, Brunel University, Imperial College London, Kings College, London School of Economics, University of Leeds, University of Leicester, University of Staffordshire (x2)


• Courses taught at Aston Business School

o BA Emerging and Transitional Economies (1/2 unit) [from 2012-2013]

o BA International Perspectives in Organisations(1/2 unit)

• Other Courses taught previously:

o MA Corporate Governance (1/2 unit)
o MA Economics of Transition (1/2 unit)
o BA Emerging Market Economies (1 unit)

o MA EU Enlargement, Human Resource Development and Institution Building in Eastern Europe (College of Europe, Brugge)
o BA Topics in Microeconomics (SSEES, until 2005; 1/2 unit, 2nd year; contents: labour, models of the firm)
o BA Introduction to Economics (SSEES, Catholic University of Lublin)
o BA Applied Economics (SSEES)
o BA Intermediate Microeconomics (Catholic University of Lublin)
o BA Public Choice (Catholic University of Lublin)