Grants - Research Programmes


2013- ESRC Enterprise Research Centre. Project participant (on high growth ventures workpackage; with Prof. Erkko Autio)


2008 - 2011 research grant on the role of national and regional governance structures in explaining FDI flows; jointly with Prof. Nigel Driffield (Aston) and Prof. Sarmistha Pal (Brunel). Overall value of the project: £156k, ESRC award (joint): £ 125k


2008 - 2011 EU Framework 7 programme on joint venture financing in Europe. Proposal accepted for funding subject to contract details negotiations. Coordination of workpackage. Principal Co-ordinator: Dr. Massimo Colombo (Milan). UCL budget: €61,185.40

2001 - 2004 ‘Regional Labour Market Adjustment in the Accession Candidate Countries’, EU Commission Framework 5 project, project partner, and co-ordinator of work package 5 on ‘Wage and Employment Decisions of Enterprises in Downsized Industries’ (main programme co-ordinator: Dr. P. Huber, WIFO Institute, Vienna). UCL budget: £42,443

2003 - 2004 'Innovation policy issues in six applicant countries: the challenges', EU DG Enterprise study (project partner), approximate value of UCL budget: £40,000

2000 - 2003 “Innovation policy study in seven applicant countries: the challenges”, EU DG Enterprise study EU contract: INNO-99-02 (project partner), value: £40,000

2001 - 2002 ‘The Role of Relational Investors and Financial Institutions in Corporate Governance of Largest Polish Companies’ (MB Grabowski Fund), project manager, value £3,000

2000 - 2001 ‘Corporate Governance, Relational Investors, Strategic Restructuring and Performance in Hungary and Poland’, EU Commission ACE-Phare project, P98-1048-R. Principal co-ordinator. Other partners: University of Stirling, Birkbeck College, CASE Institute Warsaw, Hungarian Academy of Science, Central and East European Privatisation Network, Ljubljana. Budget: €99,751

2000 - 2002 British Council Joint Research Collaboration Programme, The reallocation of labour and the restructuring of industrial firms in Poland (Polish partner: Polish Academy of Sciences), £4,000

1997 – 1998 Poland - Consultant for the British “Know How” Fund - project on bank-led restructuring of manufacturing firms; impact assessment study, £3,000

1993 – 1995 Poland - Consultant for USAID - project on support for small and medium size enterprises - development of ‘business incubators’ and ‘innovation centres’, £100,000

1993 – 1996 Poland - Several research projects, financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research, International Centre for Economic Growth (US), Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK), University of London, Grabowski Foundation (UK), Foundation for Polish Science, on restructuring and unemployment, £25,000

June 1996 Hungary - Central European University research grant: restructuring and unemployment, £1,500