Substance, Surface and Medium

A UCL Institute of Archaeology Annual Conference
Friday 15 – Sunday 17 May 2009



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Abstracts and Pre-Papers (25, in alphabetical order by author)

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Lesley ACTON, UCL Institute of Archaeology
The New Cook: Culinary skills, literacy and the transfer of knowledge
Abstract : Pre-paper

Craig CESSFORD, University of Cambridge
Different Times, Different Materials and Different Purposes: Writing on objects at the Grand Arcade site in Cambridge
Abstract : Pre-paper

Jacob DAHL, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford
The Marks of Early Writing
Abstract : Pre-paper

Samantha EDWARDS-VANDENHOEK, University of Western Sydney
Behind Closed Doors: An analysis of contemporary graffiti writings in situ from Sydney’s recent urban past
Abstract : Pre-paper

Georgia FLOUDA, Herakleion Archaeological Museum
Materiality of Minoan Writing: Modes of display and perception
Abstract : Pre-paper

Rick HAUSER, University of Minnesota
Gudea's Inscribed Statues: Performativity • Liminal Surface • Enculturation

Abstract : Pre-paper

Robin HUNT, University College London
Betwixt Europe: A case study of digital subsidence
Abstract : Pre-paper

Sarah JACKSON, Department of Anthropology, University of Cincinnati
Writing as Material Technology: Transforming socio-political landscapes in Classic Maya contexts
Abstract : Pre-paper

Alan JOHNSTON, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Straight, Crooked and Joined-Up Writing: An early Mediterranean view
Abstract : Pre-paper

Stephen KIDD Department of Classics, New York University
Written Greek but Drawn Egyptian: Script changes in a bilingual dream papyrus
Abstract : Pre-paper

Michael Franklin LANE, University of Maryland
Reading / Writing as Situated Speech Act and Material Practice: Examples from Mycenaean Linear B
Abstract : Pre-paper 15 May Draft
(zip file)

Stephanie M. LANGIN-HOOPER, University of California, Berkeley
Aesthetics and Cuneiform: Text as art on the Old Babylonian Law Code Stele of Hammurabi
Abstract : Pre-paper

Alexander NAGEL, University of Michigan
Everlasting Blues: Colour and the epigraphic habit in Achaemenid Persia, c. 520-330 BCE
Abstract : Pre-paper

Elisa PEREGO, UCL Institute of Archaeology
The Other Writing: Iconic literacy and situla art in Pre-Roman Veneto (Italy)
Abstract : Pre-paper

Kathryn E. PIQUETTE, Trinity College Dublin & UCL Institute of Archaeology
“IT IS WRITTEN”?: Making, remaking and unmaking early ‘writing’ in the lower Nile Valley
Abstract : Pre-paper

Eyal POLEG, University of Edinburgh
Memory, Performance and Change: The Psalms’ layout in English Bibles 1200-1700
Abstract : Pre-paper

Liz PYE, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Writing Conservation: The impact of text on conservation decisions and practice
Abstract : Pre-paper

Stephen QUIRKE, UCL Institute of Archaeology and The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
The Pigment on the Paper: Computer-aided palaeography as insight into Middle Bronze Age social history on the lower Nile
Abstract : Pre-paper

Frank SALOMON, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Twisting Paths of Recall: Khipu (Andean cord notation) as artifact
Abstract : Pre-paper

Rachael SPARKS, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Re-Writing the Script: Decoding the textual experience in the Bronze Age Levant (c. 2000-1150 BC)
Abstract : Pre-paper

Helena TOMAS, Department of Archaeology, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Saving on Clay: Linear B practice of cutting tablets
Abstract : Pre-paper

Leslie VAN GELDER, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, Walden University, Minneapolis
Paleolithic Finger Flutings and the Question of Writing
Abstract : Pre-paper

Ruth WHITEHOUSE, UCL Institute of Archaeology
'Tombstones' in the North Italian Iron Age: Material, form and function
Abstract : Pre-paper

Helène WHITTAKER, Department of Culture and Literature, University of Tromsø
The Function and Meaning of Writing in the Prehistoric Aegean: Some reflections on the social and symbolic significance of writing
Abstract : Pre-paper

Brett L. WISNIEWSKI, Department of Classics, University of New York
Curse Tablets and the Performance of Text
Abstract : Pre-paper

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