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These pages list zebrafish-related publications from research groups working at UCL. Click on the arrow to download the pdf file.

You can also download summaries of our publications that need less scientific background to understand than the original papers. The UCL Fish Facility was established in 1998 and if you would like to see the citation metrics for nearly all of the zebrafish papers from UCL researchers since then, you will find them here. Please note that this site doesn't list all papers from before 1998 although you can see most of our earlier papers here.

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Roussigne, Myriam; Blader, Patrick; Wilson, Stephen W (2012)
Breaking symmetry: The zebrafish as a model for understanding left-right asymmetry in the developing brain
Developmental Neurobiology 72-3: 269-281
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K. Cerveny; M. Varga; SW Wilson. (2012)
Continued growth and circuit building in the anamniote visual system
Developmental Neurobiology 72-3: 328-345
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Aya Takesono, Julian Moger, Sumera Faroq, Emma Cartwright, Igor B. Dawid, S. W. Wilson and Tetsuhiro Kudoh (2012)
Solute carrier family 3 member 2 (Slc3a2) controls yolk syncytial layer (YSL) formation by regulating microtubule networks in the zebrafish embryo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109-9: 3371-3376
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Chiavacci E, Dolfi L, Verduci L, Meghini F, Gestri G, Evangelista AM, Wilson SW, Cremisi F, Pitto L (2012)
MicroRNA 218 Mediates the Effects of Tbx5a Over-Expression on Zebrafish Heart Development.
PLoS One. 2012;7(11)
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Folgueira M, Bayley P, Navratilova P, Becker TS, Wilson SW, Clarke JD. (2012)
Morphogenesis underlying the development of the everted teleost telencephalon.
Neural Dev. 2012 Sep 18;7(1):32. [Epub ahead of print]
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Concha ML, Bianco IH, Wilson SW. (2012)
Encoding asymmetry within neural circuits.
Nat Rev Neurosci. 2012 Dec;13(12):832-43.
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Engert F, Wilson SW. (2012)
Zebrafish neurobiology: from development to circuit function and behaviour.
Dev Neurobiol. 2012 Mar;72(3):215-7.
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Andreazzoli M, Gestri G, Landi E, D'Orsi B, Barilari M, Iervolino A, Vitiello M, Wilson SW, Dente L. (2012)
Kidins220/ARMS interacts with Pdzrn3, a protein containing multiple binding domains.
Biochimie. 2012 Sep;94(9):2054-7.
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Lee, Okhyun; Takesono, Aya; Tada, Masazumi; et al. (2012)
Biosensor Zebrafish Provide New Insights into Potential Health Effects of Environmental Estrogens
Environmental Health Perspectives Volume: 120 Issue: 7 Pages: 990-996
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Tada, Masazumi; Heisenberg, Carl-Philipp (2012)
Convergent extension: using collective cell migration and cell intercalation to shape embryos
Development Volume: 139 Issue: 21 Pages: 3897-3904
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Tada, Masazumi; Kai, Masatake (2012)
Planar Cell Polarity in Coordinated and Directed Movements
Curr Top Dev Biol. 2012;101:77-110
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Powell, G. T. and Wright, G. J. (2012)
Do vertebrate founder cells exist?
Trends in Cell Biology 22: 391-396.
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Tamai, T.K., Young, L.C., Cox, C.A., Whitmore, D. (2012)
Light acts on the zebrafish circadian clock to suppress rhythmic mitosis and cell proliferation
Journal of Biological Rhythms

Jason Rihel, Alexander F. Schier (2012)
Behavioral screening for neuroactive drugs in zebrafish
Developmental Neurobiology 72-3: 373-385
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Norman M, Wisniewska KA, Lawrenson K, Garcia-Miranda P, Tada M, Kajita M, Mano H, Ishikawa S, Ikegawa M, Shimada T, Fujita Y. (2012)
Loss of Scribble causes cell competition in mammalian cells
Journal of Cell Science 125-1: 59-66
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Moro E, Ozhan-Kizil G, Mongera A, Beis D, Wierzbicki C, Young RM, Bournele D, Domenichini A, Valdivia LE, Lum L, Chen C, Amatruda JF, Tiso N, Weidinger G, Argenton F. (2012)
In vivo Wnt signaling tracing through a transgenic biosensor fish reveals novel activity domains.
Dev Biol, 366 (2), 327-340
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Gestri G, Link BA, Neuhauss SC. (2012)
The visual system of zebrafish and its use to model human ocular diseases.
Dev Neurobiol. 2012 Mar;72(3):302-27.
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