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These pages list zebrafish-related publications from research groups working at UCL. Click on the arrow to download the pdf file.

You can also download summaries of our publications that need less scientific background to understand than the original papers. The UCL Fish Facility was established in 1998 and if you would like to see the citation metrics for nearly all of the zebrafish papers from UCL researchers since then, you will find them here. Please note that this site doesn't list all papers from before 1998 although you can see most of our earlier papers here.

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Aligianis,I.A.,Morgan,N.V., Mione,M.,Johnson,C.A.,Rosser,E.,Hennekam,R.C.,Adams,G.,Trembath,R.C.,Pilz,D.T., Stoodley,N., Moore,A.T., Wilson,S.,Maher,E.R. (2006)
Mutation in Rab3 GTPase-activating protein (RAB3GAP) noncatalytic subunit in a kindred with Martsolf syndrome
American Journal of Human Genetics 78:702-707
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Costagli,A.,Felice,B.,Guffanti,A.,Wilson,S.W.,Mione,M. (2006)
Identification of alternatively spliced dab1 isoforms in zebrafish
Development Genes and Evolution 216:291-299
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Jeong JY, Einhorn Z, Mercurio S, Lee S, Lau B, Mione M, Wilson SW, Guo S. (2006)
Neurogenin1 is a determinant of zebrafish basal forebrain dopaminergic neurons and is regulated by the conserved zinc finger protein Tof/Fezl.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103:5143-5148
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Carr,A.J.,Tamai,K.T.,Young,L.C.,Ferrer,V.,Dekens,M.P.,Whitmore,D. (2006)
Light reaches the very heart of the zebrafish clock
Chronobiology International 23:91-100
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Mione,M.,Lele,Z.,Kwong,C.T.,Concha,M.L.,Clarke,J.D. (2006)
Expression of pcp4a in subpopulations of CNS neurons in zebrafish
Journal of Comparative Neurology 495:769-787
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Foucher I, Mione M, Simeone A, Acampora D, Bally-Cuif L, Houart C. (2006)
Differentiation of cerebellar cell identities in absence of Fgf signalling in zebrafish Otx morphants.
Development 133:1891-900
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Kazakova, N., Li, H., Mora, A., Jessen, K., Mirsky, R., Richardson, W.D., Smith, H.K. (2006)
A screen for mutations in zebrafish that affect myelin gene expression in Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes.
Developmental Biology 297:1-13
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Redd, M.J., Holt, M.R., Dunn, G.A., Way, M. and Martin, P. (2006)
Imaging macrophage chemotaxis in vivo: studies of microtubule function in Zebrafish wound inflammation.
Cell Motil Cytoskel 63:415-422
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Cooper, J., Russell, C., Mitchinson, H. (2006)
Progress towards understanding disease mechanisms in small vertebrate models of Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
Biochim Biophys Acta 1762:873-889
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Witzel, S., Zimyanin, V., Carreira-Barbosa, F., Tada, M. and Heisenberg, C.-P. (2006)
Wnt11 controls cell-cell contact persistence by local accumulation of Frizzled-7 at the plasma membrane.
Journal of Cell Biology 175:791-802
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Franch, R, Louro, B*, Tsalavouta, M*, Chatziplis, D., Tsigenopoulos, C.S, Sarropoulou, E, Antonello, J., Magoulas, A., Patarnello, T., Power, D.M, Kotoulas, G., Bargelloni, L. (2006)
A genetic linkage map of the hermaphrodite teleost fish Sparus aurata L.
Genetics 174: 851-861.

Pogoda, H. M., Sternheim, N., Lyons, D.A., Diamond, B., Hawkins, T.A., Woods, I.G., Bhatt, D.H., Franzini-Armstrong, C., Dominguez, C., Arana, N., Jacobs J., Nix R., Fetcho J.R., Talbot W.S. (2006)
A genetic screen identifies genes essential for development of myelinated axons in zebrafish
Dev Biol. 298:118-131
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