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These pages list zebrafish-related publications from research groups working at UCL. Click on the arrow to download the pdf file.

You can also download summaries of our publications that need less scientific background to understand than the original papers. The UCL Fish Facility was established in 1998 and if you would like to see the citation metrics for nearly all of the zebrafish papers from UCL researchers since then, you will find them here. Please note that this site doesn't list all papers from before 1998 although you can see most of our earlier papers here.

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Teraoka,H., Russell,C., Regan,J., Chandrasekhar,A., Concha,M.L., Yokoyama,R., Higashi,K., Take-Uchi,M., Dong,W., Hiraga,T., Holder,N., Wilson,S.W. (2004)
Hedgehog and Fgf signaling pathways regulate the development of tphR-expressing serotonergic raphe neurons in zebrafish embryos.
Journal of Neurobiology 60:275-88
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Paukert,M., Sidi,S., Russell,C., Siba,M., Wilson,S. W., Nicolson,T., Grunder,S. (2004)
A family of acid-sensing ion channels from the zebrafish.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279:18783-18791
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Kapsimali,M.,Caneparo,L.,Houart,C.,Wilson,S.W. (2004)
Inhibition of Wnt/Axin/β-catenin pathway activity promotes ventral CNS midline tissue to adopt hypothalamic rather than floorplate identity
Development 131:5293-5933
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Wilson,S.W.,Houart,C. (2004)
Early steps in the development of the forebrain
Developmental Cell 6:167-181
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Kudoh T, Concha ML, Houart C, Dawid IB, Wilson SW. (2004)
Combinatorial Fgf and Bmp signalling patterns the gastrula ectoderm into prospective neural and epidermal domains
Development 131:3581-3592
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Foster,R.G.,Peirson,S.,Whitmore,D. (2004)
Rhythmic and temporal processes in biology
Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine:413-482
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Tamai,T.K.,Vardhanabhuti,V.,Foulkes,N.S.,Whitmore,D. (2004)
Early embryonic light detection improves survival
Current Biology 14:R104-R105
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Ashworth, R. (2004)
Approaches to measuring calcium in zebrafish: focus on neuronal development.
Cell Calcium 35:393-402
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Soares D., Yamamoto Y., Strickler A., and Jeffery W. R., (2004)
The Lens Has a Specific Influence on Optic Nerve and Tectum Development in the Blind Cavefish Astyanax
Dev. Neurosci. 26:308-317
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Vallone,D.,Gondi,S.B.,Whitmore,D.,Foulkes,N.S. (2004)
E-box function in a period gene repressed by light
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 101:4106-4111
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Yamamoto Y., (2004)
Curr. Biol. 14:R943-R943
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Hooven T., Yamamoto Y., and Jeffery W. R., (2004)
Blind cavefish and heat shock protein chaperones: a novel role for hsp90a in lens apoptosis.
Int. J. Dev. Biol. 48:731-738
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Yamamoto Y., Stock D.W., and Jeffery W.R., (2004)
Hedgehog Signaling Controls Eye Degeneration in Blind Cavefish.
Nature 431:844-847
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