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These pages list zebrafish-related publications from research groups working at UCL. Click on the arrow to download the pdf file.

You can also download summaries of our publications that need less scientific background to understand than the original papers. The UCL Fish Facility was established in 1998 and if you would like to see the citation metrics for nearly all of the zebrafish papers from UCL researchers since then, you will find them here. Please note that this site doesn't list all papers from before 1998 although you can see most of our earlier papers here.

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Alexandre,D.,Clarke,J.D.W.,Oxtoby,E.,Yan,Y.L.,Jowett,T.,Holder,N. (1996)
Ectopic expression of Hoxa-1 in the zebrafish alters the fate of the mandibular arch neural crest and phenocopies a retinoic acid-induced phenotype
Development 122:735-746
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Barth,K.A., Wilson,S.W. (1995)
Expression of zebrafish nk2.2 is influenced by sonic hedgehog/vertebrate hedgehog-1 and demarcates a zone of neuronal differentiation in the embryonic forebrain.
Development 121:1755-68
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Macdonald,R., Barth,K.A., Xu,Q., Holder,N., Mikkola,I., Wilson,S.W. (1995)
Midline signalling is required for Pax gene regulation and patterning of the eyes.
Development 121:3267-78
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Hill,J.,Clarke,J.D.W.,Vargesson,N.,Jowett,T.,Holder,N. (1995)
Exogenous retinoic acid causes specific alterations in the development of the midbrain and hindbrain of the zebrafish embryo including positional respecification of the Mauthner neuron
Mechanisms of Development 50:3-16
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Neave,B.,Rodaway,A.,Wilson,S.W.,Patient,R.,Holder,N. (1995)
Expression of zebrafish GATA 3 (gta3) during gastrulation and neurulation suggests a role in the specification of cell fate
Mechanisms of Development 51:169-182
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Macdonald,R., Xu,Q., Barth,K.A., Mikkola,I., Holder,N., Fjose,A., Krauss,S., Wilson,S.W. (1994)
Regulatory gene expression boundaries demarcate sites of neuronal differentiation in the embryonic zebrafish forebrain.
Neuron 13:1039-1053
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Bernhardt,R.R.,Patel,C.K.,Wilson,S.W.,Kuwada,J.Y. (1992)
Axonal trajectories and distribution of GABAergic spinal neurons in wildtype and mutant zebrafish lacking floor plate cells
Journal of Comparative Neurology 326:263-272
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Krauss,S.,Maden,M.,Holder,N.,Wilson,S.W. (1992)
ebrafish pax[b] is involved in the formation of the midbrain-hindbrain boundary
Nature 360:87-89
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Mikkola,I.,Fjose,A.,Kuwada,J.Y.,Wilson,S.,Guddal,P.H.,Krauss,S. (1992)
The paired domain-containing nuclear factor pax[b] is expressed in specific commissural interneurons in zebrafish embryos
Journal of Neurobiology 23:933-946
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Wilson,S.W.,Easter,S.S.Jr. (1991)
A pioneering growth cone in the embryonic zebrafish brain
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.USA 88:2293-2296
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Wilson,S.W.,Easter,S.S.Jr. (1991)
Stereotyped pathway selection by growth cones of early epiphysial neurons in the embryonic zebrafish
Development 112:723-746
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Wilson,S.W.,Ross,L.S.,Parrett,T.,Easter,S.S.Jr. (1990)
The development of a simple scaffold of axon tracts in the brain of the embryonic zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio
Development 108:121-145
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