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Matina Tsalavouta

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Current research

My current research interests are focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to the establishment of neuroanatomical asymmetries in the developing zebrafish embryo. In particular I am fascinated by the mechanisms that govern the formation of the parapineal nucleus and its migration as a coherent structure mainly to the left side of the fish brain.

Previous work in the Wilson lab identified Fgf8 as essential for the migration of the parapineal and hence establishing asymmetry in the brain. As a postdoctoral research fellow in the Wilson lab I am working on further understanding how this Fgf signal is interpreted at the molecular level by the parapineal cells, and how the subsequent migration of these cells is achieved upon interpretation of the signal. To do this I use mutant and transgenic fish lines relevant to Fgf pathway, pharmacological treatments and high resolution imaging. In parallel I investigate the role of other molecular pathways that may affect Fgf8 expression in the brain.

For these studies, I am collaborating with Dr Myriam Roussigne and Dr Claire Russel.


2009 - present
Postdoctoral researcher working on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to the establishment of asymmetry on the zebrafish brain (Marie Curie Research Fellowship 2011-2013)

2005 - 2009
PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Kay Nolan, University College Dublin, Ireland. My research was focused on unraveling the mechanisms that regulate the expression of the zebrafish insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor (igf2r).

2002 - 2005
Research assistant, Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Heraklion, Crete, Greece under the supervision of Dr. G Kotoulas. Work on fish genomics for the generation of the linkage and radiation hybrid map of Sparus aurata. (BRIDGEMAP EU Funded project).

2001 - 2002

MSc Marine Resource Development and Protection, Heriot -Watt University Edinburgh

1996 - 2000
BSc Hons (First) Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Napier University Edinburgh Scotland


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