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Kenzo Ivanovitch

PhD Student
020 3549 5642 (t)
33330 (internal)


PhD in Developmental Biology at UCL.

First year of the 4 year MRC-LMCB PhD program at UCL.

Msc in Cell Biology and Genetics at University Paris VII and Pasteur Institute.


In 2008 and as part of a MRC funded PhD program, I carried out a 3 months rotation project under the supervision of Florencia Cavodeassi and Gaia Gestri both post docs in the lab. I developed at that time a strong interest in early eye development and in particular on the splitting of the eye field into two optic vesicles a process not well understood at all. For instance, what would be the special features within the eye field that enable it to adopt such a distinct morphogenetic movement? What would be the driving force of optic vesicle evagination? How do cells move relative to each other, change their shape, reorganise and polarise during that process? The main objective of my PhD, done in collaboration with Florencia is now to characterise the discrete cellular behaviours that underlie the evagination of the eye field domain by doing time lapse analysis at cellular and subcellular level.

Time lapse movies showing the transformation of the anterior neural plate into two otpic vesicles in embryos labelled either with a membrane localised RFP protein (movie 1) or with the photoconvertible fluorophore Kaede (movie 2, with half of the neural plate photoconverted).
Polarisation of a single retinal progenitor cells visualised by a Pard3gfp fusion protein.


Cavodeassi F, Ivanovitch K, Wilson SW. (2013)
Eph/Ephrin signalling maintains eye field segregation from adjacent neural plate territories during forebrain morphogenesis.
Development. 2013 Oct;140(20):4193-202.
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Ivanovitch K, Cavodeassi F, Wilson SW (2013)
Precocious Acquisition of Neuroepithelial Character in the Eye Field Underlies the Onset of Eye Morphogenesis
Developmental Cell, October 2013
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Picone R, Ren X, Ivanovitch KD, Clarke JDW, McKendry RA, Baum B. (2010)
A Polarised Population of Dynamic Microtubules Mediates Homeostatic Length Control in Animal Cells
PLos Biol. 16;8(11)
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Tamori Y, Bialucha CU, Tian AG, Kajita M, Huang YC, Norman M, Harrison N, Poulton J, Ivanovitch K, Disch L, Liu T, Deng WM, Fujita Y. (2010)
Involvement of Lgl and Mahjong/VprBP in cell competition.
PLoS Biol. 13;8(7)
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Fichelson P, Moch C, Ivanovitch K, Martin C, Sidor CM, Lepesant JA, Bellaiche Y, Huynh JR. (2009)
Live imaging of single stem cells within their niche reveals that a U3snoRNP component segregates asymmetrically and is required for self-renewal in Drosophila.
Nat Cell Biol. 11(6):678-9.
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