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Heather Stickney

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Doctor of Philosophy, Developmental Biology, January 2007, Stanford University. School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA.

Dissertation: Functional genomics and the role of bmp4 in patterning the early zebrafish embryo.

Advisor: William S. Talbot, Ph.D.

Thesis committee: David M. Kingsley, Ph.D., Julie Baker, Ph.D., Seung

Kim, Ph.D., M.D., Stuart Kim, Ph.D.

• Bachelor of Arts, Biology, 1998, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, USA.


• Royal Society Fellowship, 2007-2009

• HHMI Predoctoral Fellowship, 2001— 2006

• Stanford Graduate Fellowship, 2000 —2003

• Phi Beta Kappa

• Sigma Xi

• NSF Scholarship to attend the national Estuarine Research Federation Conference, 1997

• Maryland Sea Grant Undergraduate Fellowship, 1997

• Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellowship, 1996

• W.W. Smith Scholarship for academic achievement, W.W. Smith Charitable

Trust, 1995

• Robert C. Byrd Scholarship for academic achievement, New York State

Education Board, 1994


• Graduate Student, Laboratory of William S. Talbot, Stanford University School of Medicine, 2000-present

• Research Assistant, Laboratory of Stephen H. Devoto, Wesleyan University,


• Undergraduate Research Intern, Advisors Diane K. Stoecker and Raleigh R. Hood, Horn Point Laboratories, University of Maryland Center for

Estuarine Research, Summer 1997

• Undergraduate Research Intern, Laboratory of Christopher Town, Case Western Reserve University, Summer 1996


• Research mentor for undergraduate student, Talbot Lab, Stanford University

Summer 2002

• Course assistant, Neural Development and Genetics of Zebrafish, Marine

Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA Summer 2001

• Teaching Assistant, Advanced Graduate Genetics, Stanford University 2000

• Tutor for underprivileged children, Philadelphia (Chinatown), PA 1997-1998

• Tutor, General and Organic Chemistry, Swarthmore College 1995-1996

• Tutor for underprivileged children, Chester, PA, 1995

• Substitute Teacher, Biology and French, Dansville Sr High School, NY 1995


• Poster, The Fourth European Conference on Zebrafish Genetics and Development, 2005. A genetic screen for dominant enhancers of vox and vent

• Poster, 6th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics,

2004. A genetic screen for dominant enhancers of vox and vent

• Talk, 5th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics,

2002. Rapid mapping of zebrafish mutations with SNPs and microarrays

• Talk, The Second European Conference on Zebrafish Genetics and

Development, 2001. Mapping with microarrays and single nucleotide


• Poster, National Estuarine Research Federation Biennial Conference, 1997. The impact of mixotrophy on planktonic marine ecosystems


Hüsken U, Stickney HL, Gestri G, Bianco IH, Faro A, Young RM, Roussigne M, Hawkins TA, Beretta CA, Brinkmann I, Paolini A, Jacinto R, Albadri S, Dreosti E, Tsalavouta M, Schwarz Q, Cavodeassi F, Barth AK, Wen L, Zhang B, Blader P, Yaksi E, Poggi L, Zigman M, Lin S, Wilson SW, Carl M. (2014)
Tcf7l2 is required for left-right asymmetric differentiation of habenular neurons.
Curr Biol. 2014 Oct 6;24(19):2217-27. doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2014.08.006.
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Stickney HL, Imai Y, Draper B, Moens C, and Talbot WS. (2007)
Zebrafish bmp4 functions during late gastrulation to specify ventroposterior cell fates.
Developmental Biology 310: 71-84
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Bennett JT, Stickney HL, Choi WY, Ciruna B, Talbot WS, and Schier AF. (2007)
Maternal nodal and zebrafish embryogenesis.
Nature 450: E1-E2
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Norton,W.H., Mangoli,M., Lele,Z., Pogoda,H.M., Diamond,B., Mercurio,S., Russell,C., Teraoka,H., Stickney,H.L., Rauch,G.J., Heisenberg,C.P., Houart,C., Schilling,T.F., Frohnhoefer,H.G., Rastegar,S., Neumann,C.J., Gardiner,R.M., Stre,U., Geisler,R., Rees,M., Talbot,W.S., Wilson,S.W. (2005)
Monorail/Foxa2 regulates floorplate differentiation and specification of oligodendrocytes, serotonergic raphe neurones and cranial motoneurones.
Development 132:645-658
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Lee JS, von der Hardt S, Rusch MA, Stringer SE, Stickney HL, Talbot WS, Geisler R, Nusslein-Volhard C, Selleck SB, Chien CB, and Roehl H. (2004)
Axon sorting in the optic tract requires HSPG synthesis by ext2 (dackel) and extl3 (boxer).
Neuron 44: 947-960
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Stickney HL, Schmutz J, Woods IG, Holtzer CC, Dickson MC, Kelly PD, Myers RM, Talbot WS. (2002)
Rapid mapping of zebrafish mutations with SNPs and oligonucleotide microarrays.
Genome Res 12: 1929-1934
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Stickney HL, Hood RR, and Stoecker DK. (2000)
The impact of mixotrophy on planktonic marine ecosystems.
Ecological Modeling 125: 203-230
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Barresi MJF, Stickney HL, and Devoto SH. (2000)
The zebrafish slow-muscle-omitted gene product is required for Hedgehog signal transduction and the development of slow muscle identity.
Development 127: 2189-2199
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Stickney HL, Barresi MJF, and Devoto SH. (2000)
Somite development in zebrafish.
Dev Dyn 219: 287-303
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