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Steve Wilson Group win 2 awards at the Wellcome Image Awards 2011!

Two zebrafish images from the Wilson Lab were recently honored at the 2011 Wellcome Image Awards.

The Wellcome image collection is an extensive resource, containing thousands of science-related images. Every year, a small subset of recently acquired images are chosen by a panel of judges as the most scientifically informative, technically excellent, and aesthetically striking images. This group of twenty award-winning images – containing two striking micrographs from the Wilson lab – is on display at the Wellcome Collection until the 10th of July 2011. They can also be viewed and downloaded from the Wellcome Image Collection Website.

Monica Folgueira recently captured this confocal micrograph of a 5 day old cavefish embryo that highlights some of the inner-workings of the fish nervous system. The embryo has been stained with an antibody against a calcium-binding protein (calretinin, in green) to show different neuronal types and their processes in the nervous system, and with an antibody against a component of tight junctions (zona occludens- 1, in red). Although the eyes are very evident at this stage, they will not develop any further. The image also shows an special character of fish: the presence of taste buds outside the oral cavity, around the lips and along the body.

This photomicrograph, captured by Kara Cerveny, shows a lateral image of a 3 day old zebrafish retina from the eye of a three-day-old zebrafish (Danio rerio). Using double in situ hybridisation, the undifferentiated retinal stem cells have been highlighted in red while the retinal progenitor cells that are beginning to differentiate are highlighted in purple. The kaleidoscope-like effect is created by the elongated neuroepithelial cells radiating from the undifferentiated region closest to the lens towards the differentiated cells deeper in the retina. This image depicts the whole eye and was created by reflecting half the image across its origin.

See Wellcome website for more info


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