Your Universe


Audience comments

"We really enjoyed the visit and talking to the friendly and knowledgeable people running the event."

Shop Keeper (M) 52

"We were impressed by the easy contact we could make with the people running the event. We felt they were passionate about what they study and we learnt a lot."

Student (M) 35

"I liked the 3D sun sequences and the slide show on Mill Hill. I enjoyed the discussion about the Diploma Course and extension courses, practicals, open days and community engagement. Congratulations on the initiative, the scale and quality of the displays.

Congratulations on the staffing and engagement with different age groups – young children to retired people. Congratulations on the excellent timing."

Railway Construction worker (M) 58

"Very badly advertised. I study at COMPLEX, which is in the Physics department and I am on the Physics mailing list but I only found out as I was leaving on Friday night. Otherwise, I would have come Friday daytime too.

David Kipping – Excellent! Francisco Diego – also excellent! The lectures were of a very high standard. They were well pitched and suitable for different levels. They maintained the interest of academics and members of the younger audience alike."

Student (F) 29

"I liked everything. I think all the exhibits were brilliant. My granddad enjoyed the lecture and my nan liked the exhibit with the plasma ball the most."

Pupil (M) 10

"I liked the telescope observation of the Sun. The live experiments at the entrance of the exhibition were quite nice and the lecture on Hubble Telescope was very instructive. Thank you for organising the event. An introductory presentation to space around our solar system would help the general public to understand better what we see when we look at the night sky. What does the Universe sound like? Do the galaxies, stars, nebulae make any type of noise or sound?"

Energy Analyst (F)– age: 36

"Very informative without being too scientific and hard to follow. Good selection of images shown. Could do with more real life explanations.

I found the event was a great way to inform people about what is happening out there. Please keep up the good work!"

Student (F) 29

"I mostly came for the lectures, but I thought the Universe time line was a great way of understanding the magnitude of time that has elapsed since the beginning, a great way to get your head around it. The helium, argon, etc display illustrated spectroscopes vividly, and helpers were friendly and gave good, clear explanations.

So far, I have been to the 5pm Saturday lecture, and the 11am, 1pm and 3pm lectures on Sunday (and intend to go to the 5pm). All talks were fascinating, with lively, engaging speakers whose enthusiasm was infectious, and explained complex topics as well.

I really enjoyed the event. The lectures were brilliant, with great visuals, animated speakers who made complicated topics accessible, and which covered a good range of material. Exhibitions were well laid out and engaging too. A very enjoyable time overall, and would definitely go to future events."

Freelance/trainee journalist (F) 23

"I really enjoyed looking at the Sun through a telescope."

Pupil (F) 13

"I hope you organise the event again next year. I would love to bring a class."

Teacher (M) 31

"Following the event, I might be interested in joining the Astronomy course if it fits in with my work schedule."

Teacher (F) 58

"I hope you can organise more and more events like this."

Student (M) 28

"Good job! I don’t speak English well but I understood the lecture I attended. Thanks!"

Worker (M) 24

"Please repeat the event in the future."

Retired Engineer (M) 70

"The lectures were interesting and set at a reasonable level for a ‘non-expert’ audience."

Integration manager (M) 49

"Very interesting. A fantastic and enthusiastic presenter made me want to study the ghost universe. I was glad to attend. I will come again if possible and would love to spread the word about the event."

Foreign Exchange Trader (M) 34

"It was an excellent introduction into what we know about the Universe so far and I was glad to find out that there is a lot left to understand. The lecture I attended was beautifully fluent and moving, describing the epic story of our Universe and the complex building blocks of matter, life and energy is far more fascinating than any stories that human imagination can achieve. The Hubble telescope pictures were breathtaking! Thank you for igniting the dormant astronomer inside me!"

Student (F) 21

"The lecture about the galaxies was informative. It is a shame that I did not know about this event earlier."

Supply teacher (F) 35

"The astrobiology lecture was engrossing, lucid, informal and very instructive. I will look forward to returning next year."

Retired stage manager (M) 69

"The time line of the universe was very interesting. The kids liked handling meteorites."

IT team leader (M) 39

"I really prefer to download the presentations from the website. It could be great to have something similar in a slightly more advanced level. A good lecture about general relativity was absent."

(M) 30

"I liked to know about the stars and their temperature. Very informative, easily explained but lots of facts to understand."

Chef (M) 31

"We saw the total eclipse lecture. We enjoyed it. It was fairly accessible to our level of knowledge. Dr Diego, I thought, was a good lecturer. He was very enthusiastic and made it easy to follow."

Accountant (M) 25

"The Astrobiology lecture was excellent with good slides and presentations. I heard about this too late. I would have come with friends if I had known sooner."

Software Developer (M) 26

"The Ghost Universe lecture was very interesting and informative. I will be back tomorrow for more!"

Product Designer (M) 29

"I liked the time line of the Universe and the lecture on galaxy collisions. The simulations were particularly fascinating."

Student (F) 25

"I liked the lectures on the aurora and galaxy collisions. Both lectures I attended were very good, pitched well as you did not need too much prior knowledge but were not treated as dumb. I would look forward to a repeat event. Please email us."

Civil Servant (M) 27

"We would like to express our thanks for the wonderful talk by Prof. Raman Prinja on stars this evening. It was such a wonderful experience. The children and I haven't stopped talking about it! It was masterful and very inspiring.

Thank you.."

M.V. (F)