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Postgraduate taught degrees

Post graduate taught

Our high quality MSc programmes are led by researchers and clinicians with expertise across the whole spectrum of women’s health. The objective of the Institute is to make a difference to the health of women in the UK and internationally by creation of a leading centre of excellence for research, clinical care, education and training. This provides a lively and exciting environment in which to undertake a Master’s degree. A Master’s degree at the Institute demands time and commitment; it will challenge your expectations and enable you to develop a wide range of key skills.

The Institute runs two MSc and Postgraduate Diploma Courses. The MSc and Postgraduate Diploma in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine were set up in 1996, and the MSc and Postgraduate Diploma in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health in September 2009.  The programmes offer a comprehensive theoretical understanding of these specialised topics, taught by clinical and scientific research leaders in the field. There are opportunities for clinic or laboratory-based project work, and for observation days following specialists in fetal medicine, reproductive health, and IVF clinics.  A variety of key skills essential for your future career will be taught, such as research, written and oral communication skills, peer-assessment, IT skills and, basic laboratory techniques such as PCR.

Both MSc and Postgraduate Diploma programmes can be taken as one-year full-time, two year part-time, or two to five year modular flexible degrees. Further information on the structure and focus of each of the programmes is provided in the introductory video below and in the programme specific pages.

From 2017, the Institute is also offering an MRes in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health. This is an innovative one year full-time, two year part-time or two to five year modular flexible programme which provides the opportunity to gain research skills and experience in reproductive science and women’s health, and to develop transferable academic and professional skills. 

Visit our YouTube channel to view brief introductions from MSc module leads and for more on our MSc courses.

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Director of Education & Programme Director, MRes Reproductive Science and Women’s Health

Prof Joyce Harper

Prof Joyce Harper
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Tel: 020 7679 6072 (internal: 46072)
Email: joyce.harper@ucl.ac.uk

Programme Director, MSc Prenatal Genetic and Fetal Medicine 


Dr Sioban SenGupta
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Tel: 020 7679 6072 (internal: 46072)

Email: sioban.sengupta@ucl.ac.uk

Programme Director, MSc Reproductive Science and Women’s Health 


Dr Helen O’Neill

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Tel: 020 7679 6649 (internal: 46649)

Email: helen.oneill@ucl.ac.uk

Graduate Tutor Taught

Prof Eric Jauniaux

Prof Eric Jauniaux
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Tel: 020 7679 6053 (internal: 46053)
Email: e.jauniaux@ucl.ac.uk

Graduate Administrator

Dr Angela Poulter

Dr Angela Poulter

Tel: 020 7679 6050 (internal: 46050)
Email: a.poulter@ucl.ac.uk

2nd floor Room 210
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