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Research Degrees: MPhil/PhD, MB/PhD, MD(Res)

The Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research (WIBR) is located in the Cruciform building, which possesses state-of-the-art research laboratories with integrated medical teaching facilities and a library. The Institute is equipped with the most modern facilities for pharmacology, electrophysiology, molecular biology, cell biology, histology, bio-informatics, medicinal chemistry and clinical research.

Research Topics

  • Neuroscience: neural computation, neural signalling, neural plasticity, neurochemistry, neurodegeneration,  (link to Neuroscience at UCL)
  • Molecular neurobiology and nociception (link to london pain consortium)
  • Developmental neuroscience
  • DNA replication and human disease
  • Molecular mechanisms of cancer
  • Stem cell biology
  • Biological and medicinal chemistry
  • Molecular and cellular biology of pain  

The WIBR provides a unique training environment for postgraduate research students. Our strength lies within the multidisciplinary approaches used to underpin research in biological function, development and disease processes.

The goal for this cutting edge biomedical research is to identify novel targets for new therapies.

Close links with industry and the biomedical community allow for translational research to be undertaken.
Each year, between twenty and thirty postgraduate students are studying within the WIBR for their MPhil/PhD, MD(Res) or MB PhD.

Postgraduate research students find themselves in an intellectually stimulating and challenging, yet supportive environment. Senior academic and clinical scientists, postdoctoral fellows, technicians and students work together in an informal setting where contributions are valued, regardless of seniority.

Students in the programme are expected to attend and contribute to research seminars, take advantage of skills and training courses provided, and become involved with the postgraduate student society run in conjunction with the UCL Cancer Institute.

WIBR postgraduate students have the advantage of a full-time postgraduate tutor who provides mentoring and pastoral care.

The tutor organises meetings on a monthly basis to discuss student-related issues, hold informal student research seminars and listen to speakers invited by the students.

The students provide feedback to the staff via the graduate tutor or through our staff-student consultative committee.