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MSc Drug Design

Programme Director: Dr Edith Chan
Email: edith.chan@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7679 6710

Teaching Administrator: Mr Matthew Brown
Email: m.t.brown@ucl.ac.uk
+44 (20) 3108 2308

The post genomics era has brought a basic change in traditional drug discovery. This programme reflects the rapid changes in this subject in the last few years.

Students will investigate the approaches and methods of modern drug design and discovery, particularly how to manage the diversity and wealth of the emerging knowledge in this area.

The programme is taught by research scientists, clinicians and features a series of "cutting edge" lectures by industry experts.

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Programme Director - Dr Edith Chan

Dr Chan has over 17 years pharmaceutical and biotech experiences in the area of molecular modeling, cheminformatics, structure/ligand-based drug design, and bio-computing.

She worked in big phama and biotech: Sanofi Aventis and Inpharmatica, which involved all spectrum of drug discovery program. While working in Sanofi Aventis, she helped design ICE inhibitors, one of which has achieved Phase II status. She joined UCL in 2009 and her research is focused on computational drug design.

Programme Lecturer - Professor David Selwood

Professor Selwood is a medicinal chemist with 12 years experience in big pharma at the Wellcome Foundation latterly Glaxo-Wellcome. Whilst at Wellcome Prof Selwood worked on the successful anti-migraine drug zolimitriptan (over $1 billion dollars in sales) and also invented GW4991W94 a compound which completed phase 2 clinical trials.

Prof Selwood moved to UCL in December 1995 to become head of the chemistry group at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research. He founded several spin out companies: ProAxon Ltd, NCE discovery (now Domainex) and Canbex Therapeutics, a spin-out company focussed on MS Therapies.

Graduate Tutor - Dr Andrei Okorokov

Dr Okorokov's research interest is in cell, molecular and structural biology of the protein machineries and signalling pathways controlling and maintaining the integrity of our chromosomes.

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