Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research



Name Position
Extension Email  Location
Dr Beverley Clark Head of Institute
 46955 b.clark@ucl.ac.uk 2.C.07D Cruciform Building
Professor Nicoletta Kessaris Deputy of Institute
 46737 n.kessaris@ucl.ac.uk 3.C.07D Cruciform Building
Support Staff
Extension  Email Position Location
Sanam Ali
46130 sanan.ali@ucl.ac.uk
Purchasing Officer Division of Medicine G1 
Rayne Building
Marion Atkinson
46189 marion.atkinson@ucl.ac.uk Divisional Manager Division of Medicine
Rayne Building
Liam Banks 40971 l.banks@ucl.ac.uk Research/Finance Division of Medicine
Rayne Building
David Bartlett 57312 david.bartlett@ucl.ac.uk IT Co-ordinator 1.C.07b
(1st floor)
Duncan Kennedy
46767 duncan.kennedy@ucl.ac.uk Cruciform Building Administration 1.C.05
(1st floor)
Jonathan Calver 46622 j.calver@ucl.ac.uk Manager of Laboratory Support Services and Deliveries B.2.01A Basement
Aisha Carroll  46542 a.carroll@ucl.ac.uk Deputy Divisional Manager
Rayne Building
Anita Gorasia
  a.gorasia@ucl.ac.uk Division of Medicine HR Royal Free
Roberta Perelli  46604
roberta.perelli@ucl.ac.uk DoM Health and Safety Lead 1.1.04
Dean Heathcote 46706 d.heathcote@ucl.ac.uk Laboratory Operations Manager

Alison Kelly 46134 alison.kelly@ucl.ac.uk PA to Senior Professors / Administrator WIBR
(1st floor)
Caetano Joannes
 57312 c.joannes@ucl.ac.uk
 IT Lead (cover)
Maple House - IT office B.4.02 Basement Cruciform

Stephen Williams
46699 stephen.williams@ucl.ac.uk
Laboratory Support Services and Deliveries B.2.01A Basement
 Principal Investigators
Extension Email                                     
Research Location
Dr Liam Browne
46695 liam.browne@ucl.ac.uk Molecular             Nociception Rockefeller Building
Dr Beverley Clark
46955 b.clark@ucl.ac.uk Neural development / Circuit Neuroscience 2.C.07D
Dr James Cox 46704 j.j.cox@ucl.ac.uk Molecular             Nociception
Dr Elena Dreosti
43348 or 45711
e.dreosti@ucl.ac.uk Neural development / Circuit Neuroscience  Rockefeller Building
Prof John Garthwaite 46694 john.garthwaite@ucl.ac.uk Molecular Cell Biology 3.1
Prof Michael Hausser FMedSci  FRS 46756 m.hausser@ucl.ac.uk Circuit Neuroscience 2.2
Professor Nicoletta Kessaris 46737 n.tekki-kessaris@ucl.ac.uk Neuronal fate 3.C.07D
Dr Huiliang Li 46360 huiliang.li@ucl.ac.uk Neural development 3.C.07D
Dr Andrei L Okorokov 40959 a.okorokov@ucl.ac.uk Molecular Cell Biology 3.1
Prof Dave Selwood 46716 d.selwood@ucl.ac.uk Drug Discovery 3.2
Prof William D. Richardson FMedSci  FRS 46729 w.richardson@ucl.ac.uk Central nervous system glia 3.4.05
(3rd floor)
Prof John Wood FMedSci  FRS 46954 j.wood@ucl.ac.uk Molecular Nociception
Dr Jing Zhao 46722 jing02.zhao@ucl.ac.uk Molecular Nociception
 Post-doctoral Research Associates and Fellows
Name Extension Email                                     
Principal               Investigator    
Dr Marta Alves Simoes   m.simoes@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Dr Peter Bloomfield
46736 peter.bloomfield@ucl.ac.uk Richardson
Dr Edith Chan 46710 edith.chan@ucl.ac.uk Selwood 3.2
Dr Alun Coker
02074332764 alun.coker@ucl.ac.uk Selwood
Dr Daniel Conole 46820 d.conole@ucl.ac.uk Selwood
Dr Edward Emery 40793 e.emery@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Dr Federico Iseppon   f.iseppon@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Dr Dimitar Kostadinov   d.kostadinov@ucl.ac.uk Hausser 2.2
Dr Ana Paula Luiz 40793 a.luiz@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Dr Adam Packer 46777 a.packer@ucl.ac.uk Hausser 2.2
Mr Arnd Roth 46756 arnd.roth@ucl.ac.uk Hausser 2.2
Dr Takahiro Shimizu  40923 t.shimizu@ucl.ac.uk Richardson 3.4
Dr Shafaq Sikandar 40793 shafaq.sikandar@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Dr Richa Tripathi 46736 r.tripathi@ucl.ac.uk Richardson 3.4
Dr. Carmen Alejandra Quiroga del Río 46744 rmgzaqu@ucl.ac.uk Li 3.4
Mr Justin Warne 46865 j.warne@ucl.ac.uk Selwood 2.3
Dr Jordan Wright 46736
jordan.wright@ucl.ac.uk Richardson
Dr Lin Xiao 40933 lin.xiao@ucl.ac.uk Richardson 3.4
Research Technicians
Extension Email Principal Investigator Location
Ms Soyon Chun (maternoty leave)
46898 soyon.chun@ucl.ac.uk Hausser 2.2
Mr Alex Fudge  46280 a.fudge@ucl.ac.uk Li 3.4
Ms Queensta Millet 46742 q.millet@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Ms Sonia Santana 46742 s.santana@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Lab Managers
Email Principal Investigtor  Location
Mr Samuel Gossage 46855 s.gossage@ucl.ac.uk Wood 3.1
Mr Matthew Grist 46797 m.grist@ucl.ac.uk Richardson 3.4
Mr Matt Hoddinott 46898 m.hoddinott@ucl.ac.uk Hausser 2.2
 PhD Students
Name Extension Email Principal Investigator  Location
Jonathan Cornford  46897  jonathan.cornford.12@ucl.ac.uk  Hausser  2.2
Lea Goetz
 46777  lea.goetz.13@ucl.ac.uk  Hausser  2.2
Alexandros Kanellopoulos
  alexandros.kanellopoulos.13@ucl.ac.uk Wood
Márcio Oliveira
46734  marcio.oliveira.10@ucl.ac.uk  Kessaris  3.4
Lloyd Russell  46898  lloyd.russell.11@ucl.ac.uk  Hausser  2.2
Cheng Yang  46797  cheng.yang.11@ucl.ac.uk  Li  3.4
Zeinab Asgarian  46734  z.asgarian.11@ucl.ac.uk
 Kessaris  3.4