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Flow Cytometry - MoFlo

The MoFlo is an air-in-jet high-speed cell sorter, equipped with three lasers that can measure up to 14 parameters and sort 4 populations simultaneously. It is fitted with a CyClone, the automated deposition unit, allowing single cell deposition for cloning purposes. Sorting under sterile conditions can be done if requested and sorted cells can be collected in several various vessels (e.g. 1.5-50ml tubes, as well as 6-96-well and 10cm well plates).The MoFlo temperature can be controlled over the sorting time from 4-37°C. It can be set up with different nozzle sizes - from 50-150um - which allows a nice range of cell sizes to be analyzed. The MoFlo typically sorts at rates of 10,000 - 30,000 cells/second, with over 95% purity and good recovery rates. The sorting mode can be altered to give maximum purity, maximum recovery or maximum count accuracy - depending on the request. Due to the generation of aerosols, a risk assessment will be performed before accepting any samples.
The data can be analysed by the operator and given to you as a "ppt" file, or you may request a FCS file so you can do further analysis yourself, with the appropriate software (e.g. WinList, FlowJo, WinMdi). If you don't have any of these: please ask.


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Access is at present allocated with equal priority to WIBR users (3 days a week) and the Windeyer Institute (2 days a week). Other users will be allocated time around these prioritised users, if available. Please contact Tomas for further information.

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