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Seahorse XF-24 Bioanalyser

This benchtop analyser provides accurate measurement of extracellular flux for both oxygen and pH. This system provides an easy and straightforward user interface to setup protocols which mimic the standard mitochondrial assays but without the need to grow/acquire large quantities of mitochondria from a large number of cells.

The resource comes with its own integrated consumables which make the setup process straightforward and reproducible. The injection ports allow application of drug compounds for dissecting the mitochondrial pathway or addition of a compound of interest. Measurements are made by the formation of a transient microchamber about the cells in culture which allows the rapid measurement of Oxygen Consumption Rate (OCR) and Extracellular Acidification Rate (ECAR).

The combination of rapid measurement and flexibility of assay procedure provide a valuable resource to inspecting live cell function at the metabolic level. Up to 20 assay chambers are usable in one assay so more than one experiment can run at once.


Prices and Training

Training for using this system is run in workshops once 2 to 4 people have shown interest. Thereafter training and advice is provided for using the resource.
The workshop cost is £198.36 and this is spread between the attendees.
Usage of the system is £12.50 per hour

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