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Our facility uses state of the art instrumentation from Biotage, in the form of the Pyromark MD system, to provide high quality, affordable SNP/mutation detection and quantitative DNA methylation analysis.

Pyrosequencing is a simple and robust technique that sequences by synthesis. Using a short PCR product as a template, bases are added systematically and incorporated into a replicating DNA strand. Pyrosequencing utilises a series of enzymatic reactions to detect pyrophosphate that is released during base incorporation and uses the detection data to establish the sequence of the template strand.


There are two main application areas that our Pyromark MD system can be utilised for, SNP/mutation analysis and DNA methylation studies.

SNP/Mutation Analysis

Using the Pyromark MD system it is possible to analyse single and multiple SNPs and insertion/deletion mutations within 200bp stretches of the genome.

DNA Methylation Analysis

It is possible to quantitatively analyse PCR products amplified from bisulphite treated genomic DNA for levels of methylation at single or multiple CpG sites across the genome.

Further information about Pyrosequencing and the capabilities of the instrumentation can be found here:

Pyrosequencing technology overview

or here:

PyroMark™MD instrument overview

Service Options

Our service can be tailored to individual requirements and may include all or a combination of the following:

• Assay design
• Oligonucleotide synthesis
• Bisulphite treatment of genomic DNA (methylation study only)
• Assay optimisation
• Sample assay
• Interpretation and troubleshooting of results

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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Assay Design and Oligo Synthesis
Bisulphite Treatment
£2 per sample
£2.40 per sample
Sample Assay and Interpretation

£4.10 per sample

£4.95 per sample

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