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Protein Analysis and Identification

Both systems can be used for this.

One of the commonly used techniques is Peptide Mass Fingerprinting. This utilises the AXIMA CFR and MASCOT. It is especially useful and quick if the protein is pure and you are looking for a final confirmation.

When using the LC-MS-IT-ToF system, the added dimension of chromatographic separation gives more information to be used for the database search. This is enhanced further by the collection of MSn data in both positive and negative modes.

For complex mixtures, it is always best to run the sample down a size exclusion column to separate out the components of the mixture.


    UCL External  
Project costs standing charge 423.20 677.12 per project
  daily charge 230.00 368.00

per day

  extra assistance 40.00 64.00 per hour
IT-ToF costs (for one off samples) 83.00 132.80 per hour
AXIMA costs Peptide Mass Fingerprinting 40.00 64.00

per sample

  on membrane digests 245.00 392.00 per spot

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