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Volocity Visualisation and Analysis Software

Volocity™ Visualisation software allows you to manipulate data and volume-render, rotate and section in 3-D and 4-D. You can process confocal images captured as a stack of images at different focal points, and perform a number of other useful manipulations. Your time lapse studies can be made into QuickTime™ and AVI movies to help visualisation of the original confocal captured data.

Volocity™ Analysis software allows you to make true 3D and 4D analysis of lengths, cell tracks, Colocalisation, fluorescence intensity change in a selected region and many many more analytical processes that are often unavailable elsewhere due to velocities capacity to work in 3 dimensions.

Training Scheduling and Costs

Training on this software consists of an hour session which users must complete before using thereafter.

An hour session costs £35 to cover the labour costs of trainer.

To arrange training please contact Tomas Adejumo (extn. 46719) or George Chennell (extn. 46757)


Bookings can be made via WORMS or via any of scientific support services team.

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