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Dr Elena Dreosti

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Development and function of the social brain circuit

Tel: +44 020 7679 3348 or +44 020 7679 5711

My lab investigates how the social brain circuit develops and what happens to it when something goes wrong. We use zebrafish as our animal model because they are social and completely transparent. We can monitor activity throughout the entire brain, with single cell resolution, from fertilization to the onset of social behaviour.

We have designed new behavioural assays to study social preference in young fish while presenting both real and virtual stimuli. We use a mix of anatomical (mapping of immediate early gene activation) and functional methods (two-photon calcium imaging) to monitor activity throughout the developing brain while we present social stimuli and monitor behavioural responses. Our projects are focused on identifying the neural circuit underlying social preference and characterizing the influence of genetic and environmental perturbations during early life.

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