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Dr Jing Zhao

Mechanistic Studies of Somatosensory Pathways
Jing Zhao photo

Tel: 020 7679 6722
Email: jing02.zhao@ucl.ac.uk

Our studies are focused on sensory transduction and transmission in the peripheral nervous system, especially in pain signalling. We use gene targeting in and transgenic mice as a model, combining molecular biochemistry, electrophysiology and behavioural approaches to identify the genes or molecules involved and to understand the molecular, cellular, physiological and pathological mechanisms involved.

We have three main areas of research: 

  1. trafficking of sodium channel Nav1.7
  2. BDNF in pain signalling, 
  3. microRNAs in pain signalling

For further information about current research please see the Molecular Nociception webpage http://www.ucl.ac.uk/molecular-nociception-group/.

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