Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Drug Discovery

Professor David Selwood

Medicinal Chemistry

Molecular Modelling

  • Dr Tom Hornsby (Research Asssociate)
  • Dr Jessica Pancholi (Research Asssociate)
  • Dr Samuel Myers  (Research Asssociate)
  • Ms Christelle Soudy (Research Asssociate)
  • Dr Alberte Veiga (Research Asssociate)
  • Mr Justin Warne  (Research Asssociate)
  • Ms Anastasia Karchevskaya - PhD student
Dr Edith Chan

Computational drug design

Protein Crystallography
  • Professor Steve Wood
  • Professor Jon Cooper
  • Dr Alun Coker

MSc and MRes Courses in Drug Design can be found under Teaching

ChemiBank - Enable Drug Discovery projects, Lead generation and optimization