Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research



Molecular Nociception Group

The Molecular Nociception Group focuses on genetic approaches to understanding the biology of damage-sensing neurons (nociceptors), somatosensation, pain and touch.

Circuit Neuroscience

The Circuit Neuroscience group is interested in understanding the cellular basis of neural computation in the mammalian brain. Specifically, investigating how the integrative properties of neuronal dendrites and the anatomical and functional connectivity of neural circuits contribute to coding and processing of information in the intact brain. 

Neural Development, Plasticity and Repair

The Neural Development, Repair and plasticity group are investigating how new neurons and glia arise in the embryonic and adult brain and their roles in circuit function, learning and behaviour.

Drug Discovery

The Drug discovery laboratory conducts research on the edge of chemistry and biology using the latest techniques and developing new ones for the study of biological systems. We collaborate extensively with biologists in academia and industry.

Cortical Processing Laboratory - Affiliate Group

The cortical processing laboratory aims to understand how populations of neurons in cortex process sensory information, and how they integrate it with information from within the brain to guide perception and action.