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Here is a list of commerical and academic software, databases and programs that we use in our degree programme. We are grateful that these organisations and their scientists grant us the permission to use them.



    *MOE (CCG) - Comprehensive computational software for Drug Discovery process

    Molecular Modeling/Cheminformatics:
    * Pipeline Pilot (Accelrys)- Comprehensive cheminformatics tools
    * Cresset Field Technolgy - molecular Field technology
    * GOLD (CCDC) - Protein-Ligand Docking
    * YASARA (Yasara) - Modeling and SImulation
    Accelrys Draw (Accelrys) - Chemical structure drawing tool, Tutorial
    COOT - Crystallographic Object-Oriented Toolkit

    BioEdit - Biological sequence alignment editor
    PyMOL - Open-source molecular graphics visualisation, PyMOL examples
    RasMol - Molecular graphics visualisation
    Swiss-Pdb Viewer - PDB viewer

    Origin (OriginLab) - Data analysis, publication-quality graphing, and programming.


Web programs

Studentship/job links

* Commercial and require license. Otherwise, most software listed here is free to download  for academic use.

Key facts

Duration: 1 year full time or 2-5 years for flexible distance learning students.
Distance Learning students click here for more information.

MRes Drug Design students click here

Start: Every September

Entry requirements: Minimum of second-class Honours degree.

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Course Credit value: UK 180/ECTS 90

Job prospects include: Biotech, Pharma, National research laboratories, NHS agencies, Medicinal Chemist, Biologist, Structural Biologist, Cheminformatian, Bioinformatian, Molecular Modeler, Information Specialist, Patent/ IP/ Knowledge Analyst.



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