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Recommended books and links

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Please do not feel obliged to buy all these books as together, they will be expensive.

You can find some of these in the Library.

Another good resource is the NCBI Bookshelf.

More importantly, read research articles and reviews from E-journals which are free from UCL Library Services.

Throughout the course, lecturers will also provide PDFs of specialized materials from Journals.

Drug discovery

Discovery and development of sorafenib

A New Class of Raf Kinase Inhibitors

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Applied to Hsp90

A Novel Inhibitor of the Molecular Chaperone Hsp90 by Fragment Based Drug Design

Can the pharmaceutical industry reduce attrition rates?

Rebuilding big pharma's business model


Applied Bioinformatics: An Introduction, Selzer et al

Essential Bioinformatics , Xiong

Bioinformatics (Advanced Texts) , Orengo et al

Understanding Bioinformatics, Zvelebil et al

Structural Bioinformatics, Gu, Bourne (eds)

Structural biology

Protein Structure and Function (Primers in Biology), Petsko et al

Cheminformatics / modelling of drugs

An Introduction to Chemoinformatics

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry

Chemistry of Drugs (New Chemistry)

Biological molecules as therapies

Computational Structural Biology: Methods And Applications

Biology of drug discovery programmes

Calorimetry and thermodynamics in drug design


The rise of fragment-based drug discovery

The benefits of constructing leads from fragment hits

Design of HSP90 inhibitors

Target selection

Target selection in drug discovery

Key facts

Duration: 1 year full time or 2-5 years for flexible distance learning students.
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MRes Drug Design students click here

Start: Every September

Entry requirements: Minimum of second-class Honours degree.

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Course Credit value: UK 180/ECTS 90

Job prospects include: Biotech, Pharma, National research laboratories, NHS agencies, Medicinal Chemist, Biologist, Structural Biologist, Cheminformatian, Bioinformatian, Molecular Modeler, Information Specialist, Patent/ IP/ Knowledge Analyst.



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