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General enquiries:

Mrs Isabelle Wilson
Whitehall II Project Manager

Study participants:

Ms Stephanie Smith
Study & Data Co-ordinator
Tel: 0800 068 1562 or
020 7679 5621
Email: s&

Data sharing enquiries:

Dr Aida Sanchez
Data Manager

Data Sharing



We are committed to maximizing the use of Whitehall II data to advance scientific knowledge. To this end, we welcome proposals for collaborative and non-collaborative projects from bona fide researchers with an established scientific record. 

The Whitehall II data sharing policy (PDF) follows a controlled access model for sharing of individual level data. In this model, which conforms to the MRC Policy on Research Data Sharing, we make data as widely and freely available as possible while safeguarding the privacy of participants, protecting confidential data, and maintaining the reputation of the study and its participants.

Up to May 2015 we received 160 applications for individual level data.

For general data sharing enquiries, please contact Dr Aida Sanchez.
For projects involving genetics, please contact Dr Meena Kumari

For aggregate data, please contact the researcher you wish to collaborate with.

Applying for data

If you are interested in applying for individual level data, please submit the following two documents:

  1. the WII Data Sharing Application Form (rtf, also in PDF).
  2. the WII Excel data dictionary with the list of variables needed for the project. Please highlight only the variable names needed for your project.

The WII research team meets monthly to evaluate all applications received. Upon approval of an application, applicants will be asked to sign the WII Data Sharing Agreement (last page of application form).

Within two weeks of the receipt of this document, the data manager will release an anonymised dataset, tailor-made for each project.

Data Documentation for phases 1 to 9

You can obtain a detailed description of the WII variables in the following sources: 

Excel data dictionary


Clinical Measures

- Browse our metadata in the UCL Secure Epidemiology Research Platform (DDI format).

On request, we can supply documentation such as copies of other WII questionnaires (FFQ, MMSE, GKQ, cortisol diaries, etc), clinical protocols and syntax of derived variables.

Any questions?

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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