Whitehall II contact details

  •   For general enquiries:

    Dr. Wing-Chau Tung
    Whitehall II Project Manager
    Department of Epidemiology & Public Health
    University College London
    1-19 Torrington Place
    London WC1E 6BT
    Tel: 020 7679 5621
    Fax: 020 7419 6732
    email: whitehall2@public-health.ucl.ac.uk

  • For study participants:

    Please e-mail whitehall2@public-health.ucl.ac.uk

  • For data sharing enquiries: 

    Please e-mail Dr Aida Sanchez

  • For projects involving genetics studies:

    Please e-mail Dr Meena Kumari for a copy of the sample and data sharing policy for genetics research.

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