4 Key strategic aims

UCL is committed to the following aims, which provide the framework for this White Paper:

  1. maintaining the qualities of a comprehensive university, committed to excellence in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical, biological and medical sciences, engineering and the built environment;
  2. maintaining its openness as an institution, attracting wholly on merit the most talented students from the United Kingdom and from around the world;
  3. providing education of the highest academic quality, rigorous in its demands, distinctive in its character, imbued with UCL’s world-leading research and delivered by academic staff at the forefront of their field;
  4. enhancing its position as one of the world’s leading research institutions with a continued focus on single and multi-disciplinary research and a commitment to the application of new knowledge to addressing major societal challenges;
  5. becoming a global leader in enterprise and open innovation, supporting and promoting effective knowledge exchange, innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration with commercial and social enterprises;
  6. attracting, rewarding and retaining outstanding staff from diverse backgrounds;
  7. securing long-term financial sustainability and sustaining the level of capital investment necessary to achieve its academic objectives;
  8. operating at the highest levels of efficiency, reducing overheads and eliminating waste;
  9. improving the quality, accessibility and sustainability of its estate and its use, upgrading its built environment and making optimal use of space.
UCL building exterior

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