New Synbion Website
A new website for the Synbion Network is here. Synbion is a network of synthetic biologists interested in engineering novel metabolic pathways and making nanoscale biological devices.

Synthetic biology MRes
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Pedro Lebre


MSc Biochemical Engineering at UCL , 2007- 2008
BSc Biochemistry at Southampton University, 2004 - 2007

Research Interests

From my initially generalized interest in biochemistry, I found myself becoming particularly fascinated by metabolic pathway in cells, and how these pathways interact to create the network of activity we define as life. What draws me to my present project is that it allows for the study of different metabolic cell systems and the way they adapt to our needs and the needs of industry. When an external element is introduced into a system, for instance a new biocatalyst, how will cells adapt, what generates this adaptation, and how can we as scientists manipulate it? These questions stimulate the sort of creative research I wish to focus on.
My research interests also feed from the belief that there is great scientific and industrial potential in the creation of models that can predict the adaptability of different organisms to changes in their metabolic structures. From cancer research to the production of whole cell biocatalysts, it is pivotal to understand the factors which influence the behaviors of cells in unusual or alien situations.