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A new website for the Synbion Network is here. Synbion is a network of synthetic biologists interested in engineering novel metabolic pathways and making nanoscale biological devices.

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Dr Markus Gershater



PhD from Rob Edwards's lab in Durham University (2006) in plant biochemistry
One year postdoc in Durham (2007)
Biotransformation Scientist at Novacta Biosystems until 2009, when I joined UCL.
UCL Postdoc in Synbio 2009-2012
Synthace cofounder and CSO from 2011 to present

Current Research Interests

Since leaving UCL I have been leading the scientific program at Synthace Ltd.


Gershater M, Sharples K, Edwards R (2006): Carboxylesterase activities toward pesticide esters in crops and weeds.
Phytochemistry 67 (23): 2561-2567

Gershater MC, Cummins I, Edwards R (2007): Role of a Carboxylesterase in Herbicide Bioactivation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (29): 21460-21466

Gershater MC, Edwards R (2007): Regulating biological activity in plants with carboxylesterases. Plant Science 173 (6): 579-588

Brazier-Hicks M, Offen W, Gershater MC, Revett T, Lim E, Bowles D, Davies G, Edwards R (2007): Characterization and engineering of the bifunctional N- and O-glucosyltransferase involved in xenobiotic metabolism in plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (51): 20238-20243

Brazier-Hicks M, Evans KM, Gershater MC, Puschmann H, Steel PG, Edwards R (2009): The C-Glycosylation of Flavonoids in Cereals. Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (27): 17926-17934