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Dr Stephanie Hunter


D.Phil. (2006)
University of Oxford/Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Thesis title: The Search for a Bacterial Oxynitrilase

Higher Scientific Officer (2005-6)
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Project: Molecular Taxonomy of Invertebrates

Research Interests

I am a molecular microbial ecologist, predominantly interested in how bacteria contribute to the environment within which they exist. I am interested in the functional analysis of whole microbial communities linked with studies of the microbial community structure. I started working at UCL in 2006 on a project using metagenomics to analyse the microbiota of the human oral cavity. Specifically, I have been using phage display libraries to investigate the protein-protein interactions between oral bacteria and their human host. I have taken this work from the method development stages through to the point of expressing peptides that have been identified.
In addition to my work on the oral cavity, I am also involved in environmental microbiology research as part of the astrobiology projects ongoing in our lab. I am fascinated by the life that is found in extreme environments and I am working with both Claire Cousins and Lottie Davis to characterise these types of microbial community using both culture-dependent and –independent techniques.


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Mullany, P., Hunter, S.J. & Allan, E. (2008) Metagenomics of Dental Biofilms (Chapter 4) in Laskin, A.I., Gadd, G.M. and Sariaslani, S (Eds.), Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 64; 125-136. San Diego, CA, USA; Elsevier
Hunter S.J., Goodall T.I., Walsh K.A. Owen R. & Day J.C. (2008) Non-Destructive DNA extraction from blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae): retaining voucher specimens for DNA barcoding projects. Molecular Ecology Resources. 8; 56-61