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Dr Sally Hassan


Doctorate in philosophy in Biochemical engineering at UCL (obtained in Sept 2009)- collaboration between UCL, St. George’s, University of London, and the University of Birmingham.

Feb 2008-June 2010: current PDRA position at UCL-collaboration between Dr. Eli Keshavarz-Moore (Department of Biochemical Engineering), and John Ward.

Current Research Interests

Prior to my Phd, I qualified with a master of engineering in biochemical engineering with bioprocess management from UCL, with a first class honours. My final year research project involved the investigation of particle size distribution and density distributions of novel expanded bed adsorbents and the relationship between these properties and their hydrodynamic and adsorptive capacities. This inspired me to study for a multi-discipline Phd. This enabled me to gain skills in molecular biology, analytical techniques, and ultra-scale down engineering techniques. My current research interests include the production of biopharmaceuticals in transgenic plants, plasmid DNA production and small-scale fermentation. I enjoy applied scientific research and hope to stay in this area.


Hassan S, Liu W, Ma JK, Thomas CR, Keshavarz-Moore E. 2008. Characterization of mechanical properties of transgenic tobacco roots expressing a recombinant monoclonal antibody against tooth decay. Biotechnol Bioeng. Jul 1;100(4): 803-9.

Hassan S, van Dolleweerd CJ, Ioakeimidis F, Keshavarz-Moore E, Ma JK. 2008.Considerations for extraction of monoclonal antibodies targeted to different subcellular compartments in transgenic tobacco plants.Plant Biotechnol J. Sep;6(7):733-48.

Hassan S, Titchener-Hooker N, Willoughby N. 2005. Determining particle density distribution of expanded bed adsorbents. Biotechnol Bioeng. 92(5): 659-63.