Study Management

Survey Coordinator: 
Carole Kelly
Public Health England
61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5EQ

The Positive Voices project is managed by:

  • Dr Valerie Delpech - Public Health England
  • Dr Anthony Nardone - Public Health England
  • Dr Richard Gilson - University College London
  • Dr Maryam Shahmanesh - University College London
  • Prof Helen Ward - Imperial College

The survey was developed under the guidance of an Advisory Group:

  • Prof Graham Hart (Faculty of Population Health Sciences, UCL)
  • Prof Jane Anderson (Public Health England)
  • Dr Ann Sullivan (Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals)
  • Dr Cath Mercer (Department of Sexual Health and HIV Research, UCL)
  • Yusef Azad (National AIDS Trust)
  • Jess Peck (NHS England)
  • Prof Jackie Cassell (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)
  • Julie Musonda (UK-CAB)
  • Dr Alan McOwan (Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals)
  • Jane Bruton (National HIV Nurses Association)
  • Michelle Croston (National HIV Nurses Association)
  • Prof Jonathan Elford¬†(Department of Public Health, City University)

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