Internal sub brands


Occasionally, departments or centres at UCL design their own visual identity (usually a logo) for use within the UCL identity. In order to protect UCL’s reputation and to ensure consistency, these logos need to be placed alongside the UCL visual identity in a consistent manner. Text should be used to clarify the relationship.

Publications and printed materials:

On publications and printed materials, the departmental logo should be positioned on the bottom left-hand corner. Where possible, a descriptive sentence or paragraph to clarify the relationship with UCL, should be used. For sizing in relation to the UCL logo please see the visual identity guidelines. See example below.


On the UCL website, the sub brand logo needs to be positioned in the upper right-hand column of the layout, below the UCL banner. See example below. Text should be used to clarify the relationship, for example: 'A UCL Research Institute'.

Printed - sub logo in bottom left hand corner
Online - sub logo in right hand column
sub brand brochure sub brand webpage