Font / typeface

Font / typeface

The primary UCL typeface is Arial or Helvetica and must be used on all communications. Garamond can also be used as a secondary font option.

Helvetica and Arial are very similar (see below) meaning that use of either font will keep the UCL visual identity intact. Generally speaking, Helvetica is thought to look better on printed materials – but Arial is perfectly fine if you do not have access to the Helvetica font.

Examples of Arial and Helvetica fonts

All type should be left aligned, and never centred or right aligned. We also use Garamond as a secondary typeface. This should only be used in the body of the text, in complex documents which need an extra typeface for text hierarchy. Garamond should never be used in the banner or in a title.

For accessibility reasons (to take into account the needs of disabled users) you should use a font size of 12pt or larger whenever possible. If you would like more information on accessibility, please contact the UCL Disability Centre

For more information on designing for accessibility, download the toolkit below.