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Research Students: current
  • Marie Laure Balistréri, Loss, separation and reconciliation in the works of Michel Tournier
  • Alice Dias-Mercier, A reading of Philippe Claudel's war trilogy
Research Students: graduated
  • Witold Jerzy Cieszkowski, The iconography of rural space: Notions of 'la terre' as visual and textual narratives of poetic dwelling in the art of Jean-François Millet (1814-1875) and the prose of Richard Millet (1953- ), PhD awarded 2010
  • Cuneyt Cakirlar, Disidentification, Mimicry, Melancholia and Image: Queer Reconfigurations in Contemporary Visual Arts, PhD awarded 2008
  • William McEvoy, Reading and Performing (in) Space, PhD awarded 2004
  • Dimitris Papanikolaou, Singing Poets. Popular Music and Literature in France and Greece (1945-1975): Reading Brassens, Ferré, Theodorakis and Savvopoulos, PhD awarded 2002
  • Pierre Lastennet, The sacred in the works of Saint-John Perse, PhD awarded 2001
  • Mayako Murai, Telling Our Own Stories: Women, Desire, and Narrative in Fairy Tales (with special reference to the Works of Angela Carter and A. S. Byatt), PhD awarded 2001
  • Nicola Cotton, Reviewing otherness: representations and theories of ugliness in modern French culture, PhD awarded 2001
  • Maria Clara Castellões de Oliveira, O Pensamento Tradutório Judaico: Franz Rosenzweig em diálogo com Benjamin, Derrida e Haroldo de Campos [Jewish Translation Thought: Franz Rosenzweig in dialogue with Benjamin, Derrida and Haroldo de Campos], Doctor of Letters: Comparative Literature, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, awarded 2000 (co-supervised with Professor Else Ribeiro Pires Vieira)
  • Gill Rye, Women writing, reading women: contemporary French theory and fiction (Christiane Baroche, Hélène Cixous and Paule Constant), PhD awarded 1998
  • Bruno Sibona, An intertextual case of animal as poetic function: Voltaire-Byron-Hugo, PhD awarded 1998
  • Simeon Hunter, (Un)doing the avant-garde: Supports/Surfaces and tangential semantic strategies in 1970s France, PhD awarded 1997 (co-supervised with Dr Sarah Wilson of the Courtauld Institute)
  • Robin Harskin, Poetics, philosophy and structure in the poetry of Norge, PhD awarded 1996
  • Jennifer Patterson, The fragmentation of the body in Surrealist poetry and painting, PhD awarded 1994
  • Kirsty Fergusson, The quest for 'l'absolu' in the work of Michel Tournier, PhD awarded 1991
  • Roland-François Lack, The pre-texts to the Poésies of Lautréamont, PhD awarded 1991
  • Tessa Kendall, The Symbolist theatre of Maeterlinck: A contractual reading, PhD awarded 1988
  • Catherine Linstrum, The formulation of the feminine in the work of Eluard, PhD awarded 1988

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