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Image: National Healths book cover

National Healths: Gender, Sexuality and Health in a Cross-cultural Context, edited with Nana Wilson-Tagoe (UCL Press, 2004)




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Michael Worton and Nana Wilson-Tagoe

I The Politics of Sickness and Health

1. Female Circumcision as a Two-Way Mirror of Reflection on Self and the Other
Nahid Toubia

2. Albanian Masculinitites, Sex-work and Migration: Homosexuality, AIDS, and Other Moral Threats
Nicola Mai

3. The Semantics and Politics of Childbearing and Motherhood in Contemporary African Writing
Nana Wilson-Tagoe

4. Sex, Gender and the Language of Sanitary Reform in the Late Nineteenth Century British Empire
Phillipa Levine

5. Dangerous Blood: Menstruation, Medicine and Myth in Early Modern England
Margaret Healy

II The Representation of Sickness and Health

6. Remembrance of Health Lost: Dis/Figuring Africa in European AIDS Writing
James N. Agar

7. Vulnerable Margins: The iconography of Blood, Dirt and disease in the Early Twentieth-Century South African Settler Novel
Lynda Morgan

8. The Downward Spiral of Sexual Over-Indulgence: Morality, Ill-Health and Retribution in Thailand's Classic Erotic Novel: The Story of Jan Daraa
Rachel Harrison

9. The Fundamental Riddle of Cholera: Sex, Gender and Representations of the Fundament in the Construction of Disease
George Rousseau

10. Behold the (Sick) Man
Michael Worton

III Learning from Sickness and Health

18 April, 2010 in the Tibetan Exile Context
Audrey Prost

12. Angry Women and the History of Medicine
Shigehisa Kuriyama

13. Reading Gender in Ancient Egyptian Health Papyri
Stephen Quirke

14. Custine and Amiel: Negotiating through Gender and Ill-health in Nineteenth- century Europe
Caroline Warman

15. Poetry, Prose and the Sexual Demographics of Health
Deborah Kirklin


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