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e-mail: michael.worton@ucl.ac.uk


1969-73: Studied for MA (Honours) in French with German at Edinburgh University

  • July 1973: Graduated with Honours of the First Class
  • Awarded Gold Medal (for best student)
  • Awarded F. C. Green Prize for Literature

1982: Awarded Ph.D. by Edinburgh University for thesis on ‘The evolution of the poetry of René Char: 1928-45’.


    • 1998: Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques
    • 2005: Promoted to Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques
    • 2009: Medal of Honoured Worker in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • 2010: Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists
    • 2011: Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur


1996-99: Chair, Council of University Deans of Arts and Humanities

1994-99: Associate Director, Institute of Romance Studies

1998-2003; re-appointed 2003-04: Non-Executive Director, Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

1998-2005: Member, Arts and Humanities Research Board (Convenor of the Postgraduate Panel in Modern Languages and Literatures, 1998-2000 and Chair, Museum and Galleries Working Group, 1998-2000; Chair, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee 2000-05)

2005--06: Member, Arts and Humanities Research Council (also Chair, Knowledge and Evaluation Committee)

1999--2005: Member, Management Committee, AHRB Centre for Asian and African Literatures

2000-4: Chair, Advisory Council, Institute of Romance Studies

2002-05: Member, HEFCE Strategic Committee on Quality, Assessment, Learning and Teaching

2003-05: Member, Council, King's College, London

2004-07: Member, UUK/SCOP/HEFCE Measuring and Recording Student Achievement Steering Group (Burgess Group)

2004-09: Member, Advisory Board, Clore Leadership Programme

2004--: Member, Philip Lawrence Awards Jury

2004--: Member, European Science Foundation Steering Committee , 'European Reference Index for the Humanities’

2004--: Member, Higher Education Panel of the Church of England Board of Education

2005--09 Chair, London Higher Steering Group on Research Excellence

2006: Chair, HEFCE/AHRC Expert Group on Research Metrics

2006--: Board Member, CreateKX
2006--: Member, Prime Minister's Initiative Higher Education Advisory Group

2007--: Member, QAA Development Group for Masters Level Benchmarking

2007--: Member, British Council, Education and Governance Advisory Group

2007--: Member, Research Information Network (RIN) Research and Libraries Working Group
2007-08: Member, HEFCE Strategically Important and Vulnerable Subjects Working Group

2007-08: Member, Queen Mary (QM) Leadership Foundation Fellows Advisory Group
2007--: Director and Trustee, CARA (Council for Assisting Refugee Academics)

2008--: Member, Comité International de Consultation en Sciences Humaines et Sociales de l’Agence Member, Nationale de la Recherche (French National Research Agency) 

2008--: Centre for Education and Industry Diploma in Humanities Steering Group

2009: Appointed Higher Education Adviser to the British Council

2009: Member of the Advisory Board for the Programme of Artistic Research of the Austrian Research Council (FWF)

2009: Was commissioned by HEFCE to conduct a Review of Modern Foreign Language provision in higher education in England (published September 2009)


1976-1980: Lecturer in French, Liverpool University (granted tenure in 1978)

1980-91: Lecturer in French Language and Literature, University College London

1991: Promoted to Senior Lecturer in French, UCL

1994: Promoted to Professor of French (Personal Chair)

1994: Elected Dean, Faculty of Arts

1997-98: Re-elected Dean, Faculty of Arts

1998: Appointed Vice-Provost (Academic): responsibilities include Teaching and Learning, and the arts, humanities and social sciences)

1998: Appointed to Fielden Chair of French Language and Literature

2004-11: Vice-Provost (Academic and International)

2011 - 13: Vice-Provost (International)


2001-2007: Identities and Culture in Europe since 1945 ($710,000; Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

2006-2012: Tranlations/Transpositions ($1,180,000; Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)


a) Books:

1. Intertextuality: Theories and practices, edited and introduced by M. Worton and Judith Still (Manchester University Press, 1990; paperback edition January 1991; reprinted March 1993). (This includes our ‘A note on vocabulary’, pp. viii-ix and ‘Introduction’, pp. 1-44). The ‘Introduction’ was translated into Greek in h a w o V , nos. 3-4 (1996), pp. 21-68.

2. Tournier: La Goutte d’or (University of Glasgow French and German Publications, 1992; reprinted 1995).

3. René Char: The Dawn Breakers/Les Matinaux, edited, introduced and translated by M. Worton (Bloodaxe Books, 1992).

4. Textuality and Sexuality: reading theories and practices, edited and introduced by Judith Still and M. Worton (Manchester University Press, 1993). (This includes our ‘Introduction’, pp. 1-68)

5. Michel Tournier, edited by M. Worton (Longman, 1995). (This includes my Introduction, pp. 1-34, my essay ‘The Genesis of Fiction: Origin as Theme and Problem in Tournier’s work’, pp. 68-88, ‘Talking shop: Michel Tournier in interview with Michael Worton’, pp. 191-199, and a Glossary pp. 200-6).

6. Painting and Narrative (edited by M. Worton; special issue of Paragraph 19:3 (1996).

7. Typical Men ( Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham 2001). Catalogue of the exhibition Typical Men. Recent Photography of the Male Body by Men (see below under ‘Exhibition’).

8. W omen's Writing in Contemporary France: New Writers, New Literatures in the 1990s , edited and introduced by Gill Rye and Michael Worton (Manchester University Press, 2002). (This includes our Introduction, pp. 1-26.)

9. National Healths: Gender, Sexuality and Health in a Cross-cultural Context, edited by Michael Worton with Nana Wilson-Tagoe (UCL Press, 2004)

10. Liberating Learning: Widening Participation, edited by Michael Worton and Patrick Derham ( University of Buckingham Press, 2010)

11. French Studies in and for the 21 st century, edited with Philippe Lane, (University of Liverpool Press, 2010)

b) Chapters in books:

1. ‘Speech and silence in The Cenci’, in Essays on Shelley, ed. by Miriam Allott (Liverpool University Press, 1982), pp. 105-24.

2. ‘Intertextuality: to inter textuality or to resurrect it?’, in Cross-references: Modern French theory and the practice of criticism, ed. by Isabelle Llasera and David Kelley (Society for French Studies, Leeds, 1986), pp. 14-23.

3. ‘L’accrue du mot et l’image muette: René Char, voisin de Van Gogh’, in La poésie française au tournant des années 80, ed. by Philippe Delaveau (Corti, Paris, 1988), pp. 59-73.

4. ‘Image, tableau, roman: l’écriture esthétique de Tournier’, in Ecrire la peinture, ed. by Philippe Delaveau (Editions Universitaires, Paris, 1991), pp. 203-213.

5. ‘Intertextualité et esthétique’, in Images et signes de Michel Tournier, ed. by Arlette Bouloumié & Maurice de Gandillac (Gallimard, Paris, 1991), pp. 227-243.

6. ‘Waiting for Godot and Endgame: theatre as text’, The Cambridge Companion To Beckett, edited by John Pilling (Cambridge University Press, 1993), pp. 67-87.

7. ‘Une poésie de la perversion: les écrits surréalistes de René Char’, in Violence, Théorie, Surréalisme, edited by Jacqueline Chénieux-Gendron and Timothy Mathews (Lachenal et Ritter, Paris, 1994), pp. 51-68.

8. ‘Thinking through photography, remembering to love the past’, in Il senso del nonsenso: Scritti in memoria di Lynn Salkin Sbiroli, edited by Monique Streiff-Moretti, Mireille Revol Cappelletti & Odile Martinez (Naples, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 1995), pp. 733-753.

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11. ‘“Between” Poetry and Philosophy: René Char and Martin Heidegger’, in Reconceptions: Reading Modern French Poetry, edited by Russell King and Bernard McGuirk (University of Nottingham Monographs in the Humanities, 1996), pp. 137-57.

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21. ‘Of Prisms and Prose: Reading Paintings in A. S. Byatt's Work’, to appear in Essays on the Fiction of A. S. Byatt: Imagining the Real , edited by Alexa Alfer and Michael J. Noble (Greenwood Press, 2001), pp. 15-29.

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d) Reports

1. Review of Modern Foreign Languages provision in higher education in England (London: HEFCE, 2010)

2. (with Vincent Emery, and C Banerjee India-UK partnerships in manufacturing: roadmap ahead. A joint report by the Confederation of Indian Industry and University College London
(New Delhi: Confederation of Indian Industry, 2011).

e) Forthcoming:


  • ‘De l’universel à l’individuel : les enjeux de la masculinité’, to appear in Le Genre : Approches théoriques, edited by Nabiha Jerad (Presses Universitaires de Tunis, 2010)
4. TRANSLATIONS (into English)

a) Books

1. René Char, Les Matinaux (Bloodaxe Books, 1992); see above under ‘Books’.

2. (with Sophie Henley-Price) Pierre Rosenberg and Véronique Damian, Nicolas Poussin (Cassell, London, 1995).

b) Articles

3. (with Ninette Bailey) Michel Tournier, ‘Experience’, Paragraph, 10 (1987), pp. 1-3.

4. (with Ninette Bailey) Michel Tournier, ‘The flight of the vampire’, Paragraph, 10 (1987), pp. 4-12.

5. Michel Tournier, ‘Marguerite Yourcenar, daughter of Flaubert?’, European Gay Review, vol. 5 (1989), pp. 6-14.

6. (with Catherine Linstrum) Michel Tournier, ‘Being a Novelist’, Michel Tournier, ed. M. Worton, pp. 37-49.

7. (with Roland-François Lack) Christiane Baroche, ‘The Perpetual Temptation of Impossible Cures in the Work of Michel Tournier’, Michel Tournier, ed. M. Worton, pp. 50-56.

8. Luce Irigaray, ‘Beyond all judgement, you are’, Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies 7 (2000), pp. 1-10.


Typical Men. Recent Photography of the Male Body by Men , exhibition co-curated with Judith Still. Venues: Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham (3 March - 22 April 2001); Firstsite: The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester (7 July - 1 September 2001); Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (26 October 2001 - 27 January 2002).


a) Series

Bloodaxe Contemporary French Poets (1994-2004):

General editor with Timothy of this series. We published volumes by Bonnefoy, Césaire, Char, Eluard, Frénaud, Guillevic, Jaccottet, Macé, Michaux, Stétié.

b) Journals

Member of the Advisory Board of:

  • Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée
  • Journal of Romance Studies
  • Paragraph: A journal of critical theory
  • Recherches sur L'imaginaire (Angers, France)

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