Visual Development Unit
About the VDU
The VDU is based in the Department of Developmental Science, Division of Psychology & Language Sciences, UCL. Our lab, which is part of the Chandler House Infant and Child Laboratory, is equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities including high-density EEG, eye tracking and whole-body motion tracking. People John Wattam-Bell Fleur Corbett - PhD student Developmental Coordination Disorder Eliza Burton - PhD student (jointly with Child Vision Lab) Congenital achromatopsia Louisa Kulke - PhD student Development of attention Jan Atkinson and Oliver Braddick, who directed the VDU for many years (see below), are still very much involved. We collaborate closely with the Child Vision Lab, led by Marko Nardini, at the Institute of Ophthalmology. The VDU & CVL have a shared recruitment system for volunteers. History of the VDU The VDU was established over 30 years ago by Jan Atkinson and Ol Braddick at the University of Cambridge. John Wattam-Bell joined in 1980. In 1993 it moved to University College London, and in 2003 a second unit was set up at the University of Oxford. The old VDU website gives information about our previous research, including a full list of publication up to 2010. In 2010, a meeting was held to celebrate the life and work of Jan and Ol. The ABC website has the meeting programme and many photos from down the years.
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