Jan Atkinson

Ol Braddick

1965BSc in Psychology, Bristol
1965-1966Research Assistant, Dept of Psychology, Bristol
1970PhD in Psychology, Cambridge
1971-1972Research Associate, Inst. Behavioral Genetics, Colorado
1972Research Associate, Dept Psychology, Johns Hopkins
1972-1983Senior Research Associate, Dept of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge
1983-1993MRC External Scientific Staff, Dept of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge
1993-presentProfessor of Psychology and MRC ESS Special Appointment, UCL
Honours & awards
1989Young Inventor's Award, Medical Research Council: Cambridge Crowding Cards, Clement Clarke International Ltd.
1992Distinguished Speaker Series, School of Optometry, Ohio State University
2002Elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, UK
2008Elected Member of Academia Europaea
National and international bodies
1986Founder Steering Committee: Child Vision Research Society
1996-presentWilliams Syndrome Foundation Professional Committee
1997-2001Programme Committee, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology; Chair of VI Section, 2001

1965BA in Natural Sciences (Experimetal Psychology), Cambridge
1968PhD, Cambridge; supervisor Richard Gregory
1968-1969Postdoc with Lorrin Riggs at Brown
1969-1986University Lecturer, Dept of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge
1986-1993Reader in Vision, Dept of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge
1993-2001Professor of Psychology, Dept. of Psychology, UCL
2001-presentProfessor of Experimental Psychology, Dept of Experimental Psychology & Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford
Honours & awards
1991Edridge-Green Lecture, Royal College of Surgeons
2001Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences
2002Kenneth Craik Research Award, St Johnís College Cambridge
2005W S Stiles Memorial lecturer, University College London.
2008Elected member of Academia Europaea
National and international bodies
1985-89Medical Research Council Neurosciences and Mental Health Board.
1987-89Chairman, MRC. Neurosciences and Mental Health Grants Committee.
1988-92Reviewing panel for the SERC Image Interpretation Initiative.
1999-2003Trustee, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
2005-8Member, Psychology Sub-Panel, HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise
1981-1987Editorial Board, Vision Research
1993-2009Editorial Board, Perception
1992-Editorial Board, Current Biology
2000-Editorial Board, Journal of Vision

Jan Atkinson & Ol Braddick

Joint award
2009Kurt Koffka medal, University of Giessen
Joint research visits and collaborative appointments
1974Brown University (with Lorrin Riggs & Lew Lipsitt)
1978Massachussetts Institute of Technology (with Richard Held & David Marr)
1979Mt Sinai School of Medicine (with Ivan Bodis-Wollner & Bela Julesz)
1980Visiting Scholars, Cognitive Science Program, Department of Psychology, University of California, San Diego (with Don Norman).
1981-97 & 2006-8Visiting faculty, Departments of Psychology & Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego.
1984Organizers, 7th European Conference on Visual Perception, Cambridge
1985Visiting Scientists, Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA. (with Francis Crick)
1990Visiting Scientists, Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA. (McDonnell Pew Program in Cognitive Science) (with Terry Sejnowski & Ursula Bellugi)
1993-6Multi-centre European Communities BIOMED-1 programme on videorefractive techniques in paediatric vision screening programmes Ė JA, co-ordinator (with Marion Angi (Padova); Alfonso Castanera (Barcelona); Orlando da Silva (Lisbon); Ruxandra Sireteanu (Frankfurt), Francois Vital-Durand (Lyon))
1997Visiting Scientists, Stella Maris Institute Pisa (with Giovanni Cioni & Concetta Morrone)
2006-Visiting Scientists, Dept of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego (with Joan Stiles & Terry Jernigan)
2007-Collaborative research at University of Uppsala (with Claes von Hofsten & Kersten Rosander)
2008-Visiting Professors, Nankai University, Tianjin, China.


In the old days at ARVO, my first memory of Jan is her standing up at a talk session and saying something like: "I'M JANETTE ATKINSON FROM CAMBRIDGE (with lots of emphasis and flair) AND WE HAVE DATA THAT CONTRADICT EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE SAID TODAY!" Ever since, when graduate students from our lab are practising their conference talks and we want to ask a tough question, we stand up and say with equal emphasis but not as much flair: "I'M JANETTE ATKINSON FROM CAMBRIDGE AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ......" following which comes the tough question.

Jan has admitted that she is the only person who can kill a plastic plant.

Terri Lewis


Comments on Ol's and Jan's retirement celebration

It's about time. Every year, for the past 25 years I have been going to ARVO, VSS and/or ICIS, and every year I get depressed because no matter what question I have been studying, they have a poster on it. Not only that, but it is always a far, far better study than I could have ever devised. I have to listen to my graduate students come back to my poster and tell me that I should go look at the Braddick and Atkinson (or vice versa) poster because they did a similar study, and their results are "REALLY INTERESTING". Well *&%##!**& what are my results - boring drivel (asked and answered as the lawyers would say)? Finally, I might be able to show up at a conference and present a poster in peace without having to know that somewhere in that poster hall, BraddKinson have a poster with results that make the rest of us want to close up shop and go home. I am assuming, of course, that in their retirement, they will actually retire and stop showing up at conferences. If that is not t he case, then I have another stretch of depressing conferences to which I can't look forward. In all honesty, Marty Banks taught me to appreciate great science by reading papers that asked and answered a question simply, rigorously and definitively. Among those papers always were ones by Atkinson and Braddick or Braddick and Atkinson (order reversed for the purposes of domestic harmony). I learned so much about visual development from those papers, and about how to do science. Thanks for everything, Jan and Ol.

Jim Dannemiller


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From Ol Braddick

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