Dr Damien Weidmann

Dr Damien Weidmann

Dr Damien Weidmann

Institution: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (STFC)

Research Interests:

Damien’s research interests cover the area of high-resolution tuneable laser spectroscopy for remote and in‐situ molecular sensing as well as the development of corresponding instruments and applications. Damien focuses primarily on the developments of ultra-sensitive tunable laser based optical sensors and methods for atmospheric, environmental, medical, and security applications, ultimately designing and deploying complex laser based instruments.

His research work is carried out within the Earth Observation and Atmospheric Science Division of the Space Science and Technology Department, where he initiated research and development on high-resolution molecular spectroscopy using quantum cascade lasers. Areas of research includes tunable laser-based systems for atmospheric monitoring and sounding, ultra-sensitive stable isotopic ratio monitoring, high resolution molecular spectroscopy studies, laser optical heterodyne developments covering the infrared and the terahertz part of the spectrum, and the corresponding technological developments. Damien has also obtained commercial research and development contracts to investigate lidar systems based on quantum cascade lasers.

Short Academic CV:

  • From April 2009: 20% Joint appointment with University of Oxford, Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Aug 2004 – April 2009: Research Scientist / Team leader Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Space Science Dept Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Jan. 2003 – Jul. 2004: Postdoctoral research fellow Rice University – ECE Dept – Laser Science Group, Houston, TX, USA
  • Oct. 2001 – Dec. 2002: Lecturer / Researcher University of Reims – Atmospheric & Molecular Research Group, Reims, France
  • Oct. 1998 – Sep. 2001: Lecturer / PhD student University of Reims – Atmospheric & Molecular Research Group, Reims, France
  • Oct. 1997 – Sep. 1998: Scientist for National Service Non-Equilibrium Phenomena Research Institute

Recent relevant publications:

  • G. Hancock, G.A.D. Ritchie, J.P van Helden, R.J. Walker, D. Weidmann, 2010, Applications of mid infrared quantum cascade lasers to spectroscopy, Optical Engineering (in press)
  • D. Weidmann, G. Wysocki, 2009, High-resolution Broadband (>100 cm-1) infrared heterodyne spectro-radiometry using an external cavity quantum cascade laser, Optics Express, 17, 1, 248-259,
  • D. Weidmann, J. Reburn, K. Smith, 2007, Atmospheric Ozone retrievals from a quantum cascade laser heterodyne radiometer: results and analysis, Applied Optics, 46, 29, 7162-7171,
  • D. Weidmann, J. Reburn, K.M. Smith, 2007, A ground based prototype of a quantum cascade laser heterodyne radiometer for atmospheric studies, Review of Scientific Instruments, 78, 073107,
  • D. Weidmann, K.M. Smith, B. Ellison, 2007, Experimental investigation of high-frequency noise and optical feedback effects CW DFB QCL, Applied Optics, 46, 6, 947-953,
  • F.K. Tittel, D. Weidmann, C. Oppenheimer, L. Gianfrani, 2006, Monitoring volcanoes by laser absorption spectroscopy, Optics and Photonics News, 17, 5, 24-31,
  • D. Weidmann, C.B. Roller, C. Oppenheimer, A. Fried, and F.K. Tittel, 2005, Carbon isotopomers measurement using mid-IR tunable laser sources, Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 41, 4, 293-302
  • D.Weidmann, G. Wysocki, C. Oppenheimer, F.K. Tittel, 2005, Development of a compact quantum cascade laser spectrometer for field measurement of carbon isotopes, Applied Physics B, 80, 255 – 260.

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