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Patrick Cottam

Project Title

Novel Fabric Construction Methods for Solar Thermal Chimney Power Plants

Project Description

The solar thermal chimney is a large-scale solar power generator designed for desert deployment. It has many advantages, not least zero water consumption and the potential to utilise solar heat absorbed by the ground to generate electricity at night. However, it requires a particularly tall chimney, which is a technical challenge and a financial risk. This project re-imagines the chimney as a fabric structure suspended by envelopes of lighter-than-air gas. A fabric "suspended chimney" will be lighter and easier to transport to desert locations. It will also be quicker to erect on-site. The project's deliverables include a validated suspended chimney design, a suspended chimney computer model, a prototype suspended chimney used for validation and a comprehensive solar thermal chimney computer model. Further applications for the suspended chimney innovation are being considered. This project has been awarded additional funding from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to design and construct a large-scale prototype suspended chimney.

Academic Supervisors

Dr Philippe Duffour

Dr Paul Fromme

Industrial Partner

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd

Industrial Supervisor

Dr. Per Lindstrand

LinkedIn Profile

Patrick Cottam

Key Words

renewable energy, fabric structures, solar thermal chimney, lighter-than-air structures

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