Our vision is to be an internationally-leading interdisciplinary centre for research on how to design and adapt cities and urban systems of infrastructures to be both sustainable and resilient.

We seek to answer the following question(s) through an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, and by working with key actors (industry, government, NGOs etc.), to develop real solutions that can and will be implemented.

  • How can we design and adapt cities and urban systems of infrastructures (i.e. water, waste, energy, transport, ICT, food, etc.) to be both sustainable and resilient?
  • How do we embrace change for the better?  How do we turn disasters, shocks and stresses affecting our urban systems into opportunities to effect real improvements in the long-term sustainability of a city and the well-being of its citizens?
  • How do we avoid being locked-in to technologies, infrastructures and systems that reduce opportunities for change, and what mechanisms can be identified to create change once lock-in seems to have occurred?
  • How do we improve our understanding of the interdependencies that currently exist between urban systems and between the urban systems and regional, national and international systems? How might these interdependencies change with new technologies and new ways of doing things as we move towards more sustainable systems? What vulnerabilities do these interdependencies introduce into cities and how might we reduce them?

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