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Urban Pamphleteer #4

Urban Pamphleteer is a series of publications produced by the UCL Urban Laboratory, that confront key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspectives. Written in a direct and accessible tone, the intention of these pamphlets is to draw on the history of radical pamphleteering to stimulate debate and instigate change. The series editors are Ben Campkin and Rebecca Ross. Issues are distributed for free in print and as PDFs (download by clicking on the icons).

Urban Pamphleteer #4: Heritage and Renewal in Doha is the most recent issue, published in November 2014.

Urban Pamphleteer #5: Global Education for Urban Futures will be launched at UCL on 17 September 2015. This issue stimulates a critical discussion about the future of urban higher education in a world that is rapidly globalising and urbanising. 

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