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Cities Methodologies

Cities Methodologies 2012

We currently have a Call for Proposals for Cities Methodologies 2014. Please click here to find out more and download the application form.

Cities Methodologies is an annual exhibition and programme of events showcasing innovative urban research methodologies.

Inaugurated in 2009, Cities Methodologies is an initiative to showcase innovative methods of urban research from across UCL and the wider urban research community. Through peer-reviewed exhibits and events, it draws together undergraduate, masters, and doctoral research, alongside work produced by academics and other researchers and practitioners. Cities Methodologies promotes cross- and inter-disciplinary work and in 2012 showcased recent research on a wide range of cities including Detroit, Paris, London, Johannesburg, Mumbai and Beirut. Previous shows have also travelled further afield, most recently to Bucharest in 2010.

The exhibition and events feature work by undergraduates, masters and PhD students as well as academic staff and the wider community of researchers and practitioners developing new methods to tackle urban questions.

Visitors to Cities Methodologies will encountered a diverse methods of urban research in juxtaposition - from archival studies to digital media experiments, practice-led art, architectural and design work to film-making, soundscapes, games and public sculpture.

A full list of 2013 exhibitors is below - click on the links to see videos of the presentations.

Luisa Alpahão – Architrope - Dana Ariel - Anchor and Magnet - Raphaële Biddault-Waddington - Anja Borowicz & Vanessa Maurice-Williams - David Roberts & Andrea Luka Zimmerman - Ben Campkin & Rebecca Ross – Max ColsonRichard Dennis, Carlos Galviz & Sam Merrill – Bernadette Devilat – Fugitive Images – Michael Hebbert – Hanna Hilbrandt, Anna Richter, Thomas Le Bas, Fiona McDermott, Nayeli Zimmermann, Jenny Baese  - William Hunter – isik.knutsdotter – Peter Ivanov, Yegor Korobeynikov, Yuriy Milevsky & Kristina Popova - Felipe Lanuza Rilling - Little Red Dots - MA Architectural History module, UCL: Theorising Practices/Practising Theory: Art, Architecture and Urbanism - MA Culture, Materials, Design, UCL - Material Museum - Ioana Marinescu & Tapio Snellman - Nela Milic - Gynna Millan, Juraj Rutsek & Matt Wood-Hill - Isis Nunez Ferrera - Hilary Powell - Harriet Poznansky - Screens in the Wild (UCL, University of Nottingham & the drawing shed) - Simson & Volley - Andrew Stevenson - Giorgio Talocci & Camillo Boano - Maider Uriarte & Luisa Alpalhão - Henrietta Williams

Max Colson - Hide and Seek: the Dubious Nature of Plant Life in High Security Spaces by Adam Walker-Smith

Michael Hebbert, Klimaatlas: revealing the invisible city

The Secret Security Guard - Undercover at the Olympics - Henrietta Williams

Hilary Powell - Bartlett Artist in Residence - Book of Hours - chapter 1

Felipe Lanuza Rilling Silva - Materializing Absence: the Present of the Heygate Estate

Andrew Stevenson - 16 Cities: Participatory potentials for sensory ethnographies in exploring place-making in newcomers to a city

150 Years Underground by Rail - Memory, Archive and Heritage with Richard Dennis, Carlos Galviz, Sam Merrill 

The Cultural Formation of the Changing Haggerston Estate - David Roberts & Andrea Luka Zimmerman

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