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Michele Acuto

  • Professor of Diplomacy and Urban Theory
Global city politics; the use of STS methods in international relations and urbanism; the intersection between city networks, urbanisation and global governance

Yasminah Beebeejaun

  • Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning
Territorialisation of certain spaces as ethnic; community engagement in decision-making; and exploration of the creation of inequalities both within historical and contemporary debates about nationhood, colonialism, and postcolonial society in post-war Britain and North America

Iain Borden

  • Professor of Architecture and Urban Culture
Large-scale architectural and urban spaces in cities worldwide; cities, film and mobility

Victor Buchli

  • Professor of Material Culture
Architecture, domesticity, the archaeology of the recent past, critical understandings of materiality and new technologies and the anthropology of sustainability and design

Licia Capra

  • Professor of Pervasive Computing
Ubiquitous computing. Specific topics include: crowd-sourcing and crowd-sensing, urban computing, location-based services, recommender systems, data mining for development

Claire Colomb

  • Reader in Planning and Urban Sociology
Urban governance, policies and politics, European spatial planning, and urban sociology

Adam Drazin

  • Teaching Fellow in Anthropology
Culture, materials and design

Murray Fraser

  • Professor of Architecture and Global Culture
Design, architectural history & theory, urbanism, and cultural studies

Alexandre Apsan Frediani

  • Senior Lecturer in Development Planning
Housing and squatter settlement upgrading; participatory approaches to research, planning and design; social movements and right to the city; urban regeneration and well-being; human development and the capability approach

Barbara Lipietz

  • Lecturer in Development Planning
Urban governance, participatory governance and planning through co-production; circulation and localisation of public policy; anti-poverty strategies; inclusive cities and the 'right to the city', sustainable cities, resilient cities; housing policy, slum upgrading practices, urban regeneration

Susan Moore

  • Senior Lecturer in Planning
Sustainable urban development processes and practices; Relational geographies of urban (and suburban) development and built form

James O'Leary

  • Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Innovative Technology
Contemporary Art & Architecture, Situated Practices, Critical Spatial Practice, Narrative Spaces, Urban Memory, Contested Space

Kieren Reed

  • Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
Sculpture, performance, installation, public art, culture-led regeneration

Rafael Schacter

  • Research Fellow in Anthropology
Independent public art; street art and graffiti; visual culture; vernacular art; popular politics; public sphere; anthropology of art; material culture

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