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Stadtkolloquium is an interdisciplinary academic forum organised by students associated with the UCL Urban Laboratory. It aims to encourage the dissemination and discussion of PhD level urban research in a friendly and constructive atmosphere by providing open and informal outlets in which to air theoretical, practical and methodological questions and issues amongst peer PhD students across departments and universities. It hopes to generate lively round-table discussion on diverse urban questions across disciplines including but not limited to, Geography, Architecture, Anthropology, Literature, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, History, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Fine Arts, Planning, and Engineering. 

Besides organising and hosting annual workshop events Stadtkolloquium also runs individual colloquia and feedback sessions, hosts reading groups, encourages the sharing of event details and reference materials and aims to foster collaborative projects.

Stadtkolloquium warmly welcomes the involement of research students from London, UK and international institutions besides UCL and strongly encourages their particpation. For more information about forthcoming colloquia and events please visit the Stadtkolloquium website at www.stadtkolloquium.co.uk

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